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Bringing back everything to normal is of course not that easy. Having people trust in something that seemed to be just a picture of a perfect fantasy while letting them live the normal earthly life again sure would take a lot of explaining and that would be under the hands and control of Joe Chip. Standing as the sole survivor of Runciter’s group against that of the plan of Jory Miller, Joe needs to protect the lives of the living people and find a way to communicate with Runciter as much as he could.

With the use of UBIK, the human society gradually felt more secure that they would not be trapped or at any point be made inexistent by the life-thirsty Jory Miller. They all sprayed on themselves the UBIK substance regularly, considered as a tedious task during this time but specifically something that is needed to be done for the sake of survival.

Bit by bit, humans were able to establish a more definite society that is close to that of their situation in 1939 America. It could not be denied that the adjustments were somehow crucial and definitely not that easy to handle. However, with proper assistance and old manuals regarding the old life, humans were able to recreate earth as a living place but were still relying on UBIK as they tried to protect their precious lives.

It was of course a leap from an unreal world, back to the real one. Humans began to experience the real situations. They needed to find jobs to support their living. They needed to tend to plants and crops in order for them to grow their own food. They needed to protect themselves from possible accidents. Their lives were protected by UBIK only against that of the plots of Jory Miller but not from the natural causes of death. Without the existence of half life support, humans under the illusion of living forever during this time dreadfully searched for something that could preserve their lives forever, something better than the half-life.

Technology advances continuously and the lives of the people never ceased to exist in a definitely controllable way that defines the considerable idea on how humans are now able to establish their being and thus find ways to handle their responsibilities and personal cravings for life and sustenance in a way that best fits their situation.

Every now and then, Joe Chip records all these developments and re-developments about the lifestyle of humans on earth. For those who were born during the stat of unreal life living, this was a whole new experience that lead them into becoming more curious about the world giving them chances of advancing further in technology but not the limits of finding the cure to death like that of the half-life does yet.

A few more years, Jory Miller returns with the perfect plot to ruin whatever the human society has already re-established on earth. He returns with a more definite role taken that defines his willingness to feed on the lives of others. Upon knowing this, Joe Chip began to find ways to eliminate Miller for good but he also knew all along that this would be a task that he would definitely be able to succeed only if Glen Runciter would be able to tell him what to do.

Somewhere, somehow, Joe knew that Runciter could still somehow be alive in the moon, considering that he could still be supported by his own machine and the half-life systems. While Miller had been able to kill a few people through taking away from them their UBIK solutions, Joe began his trip back to the moon, a trip that was not taken into consideration anymore by humans who were overly busy regarding the wonders that technology itself offers them. He then took a space ship and began his journey.

He went straight to the half-life station finding almost all of the half-lifers to be lost in their own cubes, breathless and thoughtless. Joe tried to replay all the recordings of Runciter but to his disappointment, he was not able to retrieve the answer he wanted. Then glancing through the buttons of the control system of half life, he was then able to recall the advertisements on earth regarding the existence of modern technology and how everything could be altered. He knew he could at least alter the system and let Glen Runciter live again. It was close to impossible, but somehow he was able to stage a glitch in the system.

Pressing the buttons and seeing through their functions intently with an UBIK bottle spray on his hands, it could not be denied that somehow, the pressing of the ideas that instantiates a rather new sense of understanding as to how the entire system works. It was not that easy to handle at first but it was of course a new sense of discovery that Joe Chip has had to undergo in such a short time.

Meanwhile, as Miller has been much busy in finding the best way to devour the lives of the human civilization, human individuals themselves were already trying to form measures of development as to how to alter his character and how they could stop him from doing what he keeps on doing. Most of those procedures taken into consideration involved technological applications. Apparently, the real answer lies on something logically explainable only by the Runciters who knew about the keen truth about life.

However, while nobody was still able to crack that truth out, everyone started fighting for their lives. Even Miller was trying to increase the kind of approach that he used to expand his ways of killing people. He too was able to configure the use of modern technology and how it could be altered to help him in his quest of becoming more and more immortal as he wants it to be. Although immortal, his physical being seems to be deteriorating.

Apparently, the process that he is taking only prolongs his years of life but not that of aging. No matter, Miller was not about to give up his quest for longer life just because of the fact that his appearance seems to be a non-changeable state. Aging continues to eat him up and there is nothing that could stop that. At some point, he figured out that that could be given solution to once the search for longer life is completed. He remembered about Joe Chip as he tried to continue his quest and felt the need to see him. So he went to his house and investigated. Probably having the want to kill him, Miller tried to create a plot that would certainly get Joe Chip off guard.

As Miller arrived in Joe’s place, he was disappointed to know that the person he wanted to see was not there. He then sees through his things trying to find something interesting and useful for his plot, but somehow, he was not able to find some until he saw a piece of paper that indicates the plan of Joe in finding Glen Runciter again. He was both angered and somehow threatened of this plan that he decided to go after Joe and find for himself how he is able to eliminate the possible hope left for the human society.

In the moon, as Joe tries to recreate a new altered system for the half-life, he was able to generate a process that somehow flicked the lines and brought back the senses of Runciter into his brain that his mind is now able to dictate him to do things again. At some point, Joe was able to bring Glen Runciter back to life. Runciter was able to stand up and speak just in time for Miller, who has just arrived in the headquarters, to hear.

Runciter tried to open his eyes and somehow speak in a low tone but in a clear way as he said:

Life is a gift as it is. It is only when it is well lived does it become satisfying. I am happy to see you Joe, but the quest for immortality has to stop. The things I have discovered brought me to a realization that there would be nothing that could stop death that could bring us all in a perfect condition while living an immortal mind. It is only the one who created use who could alter things.

We are not in the position to alter situations that the human life could not support. As of now, we need to accept that if we want to live for a longer time, we need to establish a legacy that everyone shall remember and not something that is solely for our personal gains. In due time, immortality could be realized, but only through the will of the creator and not in our hands.

As for now, accepting death and the sweet refrain of resting in peace should simply be accepted by human individuals....Even you, Miller.

If you could allow me Joe, please re-alter the system, if you will, please destroy it and try to help the human civilization understand the nature of their current being and try to live life as it is instead of spending their time finding the best cures for death, because as of now, there isn’t any.

Hearing this, Miller accepts his death and gives up his quest. He was buried respectfully by Joe in the head quarter caskets and decided to go back home to help people accept the truth they have to face in connection with death and its reality at present.


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