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UNIX is an operating system improved at Bell Labs around 1969 as an interactive time sharing system. It has disclosed as a liberal freeware product with different enlargements and new notion served in it various versions. Different matters such as businesses, universities and individuals accelerated to these UNIX renditions. Linux which is generally marked as lin%u028Cks, also uttered lin%u028Aks is a common expression referring to Unix-like computer operating systems founded on the Linux kernel. Linux is increasing in popularity as an alternative to proprietary operating systems (Moulton, 2002, p. 75).

While having the liberty to choose the exact operating system (OS) for your scrupulous work loading company is very much interesting, it is occasionally not so pleasing trying to resolve widespread integration challenges are involving in same operating system. As an IT consultant, for the using of a server of my client company named “Cloud Company”, UNIX or Linux server has been suggested as the best operating system (OS) with confidence. By making this decision and explain which factors influence the choice, there are some reasons and grounds have exist here as indicator. The following best things provided by UNIX software if the Cloud Company uses it:

  1. Perhaps the most interesting operating system now available is Linux with a powerful network operating system of ten used on large networks (Lowe, 2007, p. 139).
  2. Free operating system will be provided by UNIX/Linux.
  3. The most important rationale is that both UNIX and Linux are realistic infrastructure solutions for most of at the moment’s applications.
  4. The Linux rendition of UNIX may be downloaded off the Internet.
  5. UNIX is very proficient. It is going on as an old fatigue 486 CPU can properly maintain the communications.
  6. It has very nice security characteristics it one knows aptly how to use it.
  7. Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) or Internet Protocol (IP), SPX/IPX, and NETBEUL are supported by UNIX.
  8. UNIX software is very much Internet convergent. Much high performance related to internet execution run on UNIX server.
  9. UNIX software is used heavily in Internet servers (Moulton, 2002, p. 75).
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  11. The most comprehensive method to install Linux is to use CD-ROMs because installation from CD-ROM is normally taken. But installation of internet is not taken automatically.
  12. UNIX/Linux enlargement is one of the most high-flying instance of free and open source software alliance.
  13. Linux is primarily recognized for its exploit in servers, although may be assigned on a spacious assortment of computer hardware, extents to entrenched devices, as mobile phones and even awfully some enriched watches to supercomputers.
  14. Five years ago, Linux was reduced in importance to the data center to run domain name servers (DNS) or Web servers. Nowadays, 500 well established companies have commenced to exploit Linux for their most mission-critical applications.

Lowe (2007) argued that “[t]oday, Linux is a full-features version of UNIX; it users consider it to be as good as or better than Windows (p.139). The Cloud Company should implement UNIX as an open operating system that can be magnified or enlarged by anyone. UNIX is not only operated by a single computer company but also it is well written in the standardized C programming language. UNIX operating systems are accomplished in workstations made by Sun microsystem, Silicon Graphics and IBM. UNIX and its client /server model took a vital role in the computer networking and Internet development and in reforming computing to centre it in network rather than in individual computers. And it is further argument propounded for using Linux or UNIX server by Lowe (2007) as “Linux offers the same networking benefits of UNIX and can be an excellent choice as a server operating system” (p. 139).

It is suggested that Linux will be received as for network server. Because, it has provided opportunity of getting free software and updated commercial version. Linux has got much popularity as an alternative to proprietary operating systems for derivation from UNIX. UNIX software is implemented excessively in Internet servers. InfoWorld (1999) propound that “Linux is now emerging as a potential competitor to Windows and UNIX for some server applications" (p. 18).

It is server software but has been received to function client operation as well. Server UNIX needs an accessible graphical user interface to front-end the cryptic command level interface. Accessibility of hardware driver programs for UNIX software may also be a fact. The company can be benefited for the collection of distributions software fro its small prices. And installation contains programming languages, editors, hardware drivers, window mangers and others CD-ROMs of software that may obtain well over 1000 distinct programs. The UNIX (Linux) has got enormous popularity as an operating system since the question cost and expenditure are less here. The server of Windows and Netware usually cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a massive enterprise and for its vagarious performances.

Recently, allocations of Linux/UNIX are implemented in abundant domains, from well-fettered methods to supercomputers and have protected a position in server installations with the well-liked LAMP appliance pile. The implementation of Linux/UNIX allocations in home and business desktops has been increasing. Linux/UNIX has also consumed recognition with different local and national governments.

The basic difficulty or problem of this program is that the command line interface in very occult. This indicates that most Linux/UNIX server inserts Windows-like graphical user interface (GUI) shell to make UNIX more utilizable by less technical human beings. In order to maintain the UNIX/ Linux servers, it needs much experience and technology-skilled people to administer it. In spite of these difficulties, Cloud Company can adopt it as they have much skilled and experience technologist in different sectors. Since UNIX and Linux utilizations are exposed from time to time, and if your Company doesn’t maintain their servers’ configuration updated, the Company will potentially disappear your services uncovered for attacking by virus and worms. Get the latest patches for your version of the OS.

At last, it is tested that “[u]sing Unix or Linux in a SOHO environment is best implemented using a vendor-installed version, or having in-house UNIX/Linux support, or at least a consultant. This assumes that the entrepreneur in a small business is acquainted with UNIX/Linux” (Mueller and Ogletree, p.1133). By complying with the above discussion, your Company “Cloud Company” can't go wrong decision with either solution except Linux or UNIX.


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