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The advent of technology and an ever increasing population has seen manifestation of elevated human problems which range from sexually transmitted diseases, challenge in human health, unwanted pregnancies to mention but just a few. Unless stringent measures are taken and in good time, world populace will continue experiencing these problems and in the long term, more problems will arise which humans might be challenged to tackle or deal with them effectively.

Reproductive health which is stated to be the complete state of mental, physical and as well as social well being of an individual. It deals with functions, as well as reproductive systems in all stages of life. A good healthy life leads to prosperity and happiness. Health is considered to be a weapon that enables humans to continue with life. It is thus of utmost importance for the world populace to understand reproductive health and at the same time, be in a position to practice what they learn about the same. Many problems are believed to arise during the reproductive period in ones life. When one fails to observe living a good reproductive health life, chances are that person to live life that is more often than likely to engage in irresponsible sexual behavior that in turn will result in exposing the individual to the risks of contracting various sexual diseases ( Daniel, 2006). A thorough understanding of reproductive health will enhance the understanding the concept behind the biological functions and emotions making individuals remain informed on complications that can arise through irresponsible sex behavior like unwanted pregnancies to both women and young girls. When these happens, women and young girls are more likely to think of abortion and since it is not allowed in many countries, the manner in which it is done puts them at a higher risk of either dying or developing some irreversible situations ( James,2008).

On the other hand, lack of understanding on reproductive health has made it possible for the spreading of HIV/ AIDS like a bush fire during the dry spell. People are engaging in irresponsible sexual activities even as early as the age of 6 years. Due to limited knowledge or even ignorance, some people do not value the importance of practicing safe sex and at the right age and time. Due to this, most people are getting infected with this virus putting the government to loose valuable human resource at their optimum operation times since majority of people who are infected lies at the time when they are very productive. In conjunction with understanding reproductive health, when not well understood, mothers might pass it to their children, making innocent being to suffer and not to enjoy the fruits of life for they might die at an early age. To avoid such vise, people needs to appreciate the importance of regular test so that they can understand their problems early enough and at the same time, enable them to deal with it early enough before it gets worse. A good example is what many countries are doing by dedicating their effort to offer free testing for HIV and at the same time, provides free drugs to fight the disease and prevent the mother to child infection. Understanding how to practice Safe sex is a pillar in life. Most of the time is when people get unwanted babies which push them to economic hardships since the child was not planned for and the mother might not be in a position to raise the child the best way possible. Such children might not b able to attend good schools as well as living good life ( Moses, 2008).

All these problems can be avoided by leading a god reproductive health life. In such time of economic hardships, we should bee concerned with the way we live so that we do not create other problems that would drain as more financially.


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