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A computer network is a set of two or more computers with an interconnection which allows communication between the linked computers. Computer networks are essential in facilitating communication within organizations, as well as the entire globe, by means of the Internet. Networks may vary considerably according to size, functionality and topology. In addition, they differ in terms of standards and network models that people use in designing and implementing networks. This paper will briefly examine networks and how they help individuals and organizations.

According to size, a network may be a Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). LANs cover small geographical locations, for instance, a campus building. MANs cover a metropolitan area such as a town or a city. A WAN covers an extremely large area like a country, region or the entire planet. According to topology, a network may be a bus, star, ring, star-bus, or a token-ring network among others.

Networks standards define the architecture of network devices so that there is sanity in the production of such critical items. On the other hand, networks models are the design types that networks follow, like TCP/IP and OSI models. Besides, there are network protocols, which are rules that govern communication over networks.

Essentially, networks are useful in enhancing communication within organizations and individuals via interconnected computers. For instance, the Internet is a global network of computers connecting millions of individuals and organizations. Networks are also crucial in sharing information and network resources between various devices, like printers, servers and IP phones. Within organizations, each department does not have to own a printer. A network printer may serve a number of departments and offices within an organization. I am convinced that the knowledge I obtained in class will be extremely helpful in various spheres of life, especially taking into consideration that we live in a technological and digital era. Proper knowledge of modern devices and techniques enhances my chances of getting a prestigious job and helps in education as well as recreation activities.


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