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Blogging is a feature on the Internet that individuals and businesses have adopted as a tool for communication and advertisement. Crucial information about particular business products is disseminated to multitudes across continents through blogging. This new trend has benefits as well as harmful effects on the day-to-day running of any given business entity.

To begin with, blogging is essential in sharing of information about a small business entity with a large audience, mostly composed of internet users. Besides, the software that allows for blogging is easy to use, offering easy solution for web publishing. Furthermore, blogging is an inexpensive way of getting a business name on the internet compared to a website developed from scratch. Blogging also offers appreciable communication benefits since business entities deliver information to many people at once unlike one-on-one communication methods that can only work with limited audiences (“What are the benefits of blogging for small business”, n.d. ). The above are just a few of a number of benefits of business blogging.

Besides those many merits of corporate blogging, the activity exposes business entities to some serious harmful effects. For instance, a company name may be sabotaged through blogging by a bad employee. Employees may give out business secrets through blogging, which may hurt the operations of the business. In addition, blogging allows competitors to easily learn about the undertakings of a business. This may not be wise for the company (“Corporate blogging disadvantages”, 2012).

I would recommend blogging for businesses. However, there must be great caution in respect of what goes to the public. Measures ought to be in place to regulate the entire process of blogging so that the image of the business is guarded. It is also necessary to ensure that competitors do not obtain too much information to find a cutting edge in the market by employing counter tricks to what the business is doing.


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