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Innovations in the drilling methods and technologies of oil are vital for the more effective work on the drilling sites and meeting the constantly growing demands of the modern world. in the United States, companies invest billions of dollars to have the opportunity to reach those oil deposits which are considered out of reach for the old techniques. Colorado, North Dakota, California, and Texas are the locations for the new fields which can produce over two million barrels of oil per day. It is impressive but Americans have finally found the way how to eliminate any importance of distance on the oilfield (New Drilling Method Opens Vast U. S. Oil Fields, 2011).

In the Gulf of Mexico the new equipment has also been introduced: Pipes run much deeper (2 miles) below the surface of the ocean seeking gas and oil. Such pipes are linked with a floating platform that is far remote. The innovation of the method lies in the technique being used: The horizontal drilling into the rock will be followed by pumping water, chemicals, and sand into the hole in order to break shale and let the gas flow. Drillers have also learnt how to increase the amount of rock cracks and apply different chemicals in order to free oil at a much lower cost. This method can decrease the import of oil by half (New Drilling Method Opens Vast U. S. Oil Fields, 2011).

The analysts predict that by 2020, oil imports of the United States can be decrease dup to 60 percent due to the innovative methods introduced in the oil industry. The newly opened fields across the whole country can produce as much oil that it will suffice to boost production of the nation to 40 percent from 20 percent in a very short period of time (Fahey, 2012). Impossible becomes possible with the implementation of new ideas and development of high technologies.


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