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The Ford Company has grown from a small motor company to a big well known firm in the entire world. This might probably have been this way because of the Mustang generation which came in the limelight around four decades ago. This article will be a short essay on the mustang generation citing reference from Douglas Brinkley's Wheels for the World, (Chapter 30).

As expected, when Ford's Mother Mustang came in the limelight back in 1964, it was indeed what the world was waiting for. The mustang generation is what many would call America's best. Lee the Ford manager saw the need to have Mustang given that the United States population was growing younger, he further observed that by the end of the following year after ford had established mustang, 40% of Americans would have been under the age of twenty (p 608).

In 1962, Mustang was launched with a less powerful engine and it was a two-seater. It got its name from a fighter aero plane during the world war. When Mustang was discovered it had to be advanced to the taste of Falcon. The advancement involved fitting the new mustang with air bags in front wheels, suspenders, chassis which basically came from Ford Falcon. Lee was quick to observe that one third of Americans aged eighteen to twenty four bought this model (p 608). The model was just perfect which was quality but at the same time less expensive. The Mustang and the Falcon were almost similar in everything. However on keen observation, one could see the Mustang was outstanding. The seats were a bit low in position and this meant a Mustang had been born (p 608). Lee observes that what they wanted was something unique and even the name was arrived after an equally arduous analysis (p 610). To his mind the word "Mustang" conjured up images of the idealized American West, where wild horses galloped free across the plains and plateaus (p.610).

From then on, what followed was opening up of Mustang generation. This generation is a representation of complete overhaul redesigning of the car. However, the fact that there have been several transitions noted on the body overtime has seen another five generations of the Mustang. For instance in 1964, the first Mustang came on the surface and several months after release it was the world's most precious thing. This model targeted at four disparate audiences: two-car families with a little surplus cash to spend, young drivers with hardly any money at all, women who wanted something easy to maintain, and the sporty set in search of a fun new toy (p. 609).

For a period of ten years, the Mustang had become very famous due to the powerful engine which delivered perfectly and in 1993; Ford thought of yet another mustang model. This would be the second generation. In 1993, the company launched their third generation mustang which was sleek in nature. It became the first to be built on fox platform. Mustang represented what the boomers brought to the American Market place: youthfulness, with all of its carefree attitudes and the determination to be different from everybody else (p 618).

The fourth generation came in 1994 and meant to mark the Ford's operation for the last thirty years at the time. It came in style as it was built on a FOX4 Platform. The fifth generation would follow ten years after the introduction of Ford's new D2C Mustang platform. This was meant to make Mustang safer, good looking and faster. The car has been revised since then with an intention to increase the horse power.

In conclusion, the ford company is still wasting no opportunity that comes along their way in ensuring they deliver a fuel economy and powerful V6 Mustang by 2011. The Motor Company has the distinction of giving the youth of the twenty first century a colorful label (p.618).


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