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Communication is a key aspect of any organization’s functional structure. The success of all organization depends largely on the effectiveness of its communication infrastructure. In recent times, technology has given large corporations and even small businesses a platform for efficient and reliable communication tools that never existed in the recent past. The growth and success in internet and web technologies have improved organizational communication processes both internally and externally. Externally, people in different locations on the globe can share ideas and discuss pertinent business matters remotely, thanks to the wonders brought about by advancements in technology, especially, the Internet. Internally, managements of organizations have more reliable means of coordinating activities in various departments. Modern organizations do rely heavily on the Internet technology to foster efficiency communication among members and officials. There is a number of Internet tools that help realize desired plans based on efficiency of communication within organizations. Dirt Bikes firm needs to implement some of these latest developments in technology to improve its performance and profitability (Illich, 1971).

Intranets refer to small, private networks within an establishment. They use technologies like Wi-Fi, TCP/IP and Ethernet for communication. They can connect to other external networks, including the Internet, forming extranets.

Dirt Bikes management can use intranets for sharing of network resources including printers and scanners, files and information among executives and other employees in different departments of their organization. Employment of such schemes is useful in minimizing costs for buying different resources for each department and offices because one device on the intranet can serve a number of people effectively. Information dissemination to different members of the establishment system is also efficient as long as they have access to the network.

Dirt Bikes may also adopt chat rooms as a great internet tool for communication. Chat rooms can also be referred to as Internet Relay Chat, IRC, in technical terms. These are internet-based systems for synchronous communication in real time. Messages are relayed in form of a text. This resembles a kind of face to face interaction since messages are delivered instantly on mere button press. Some chat services may sometimes offer additional functionalities like web pages, email and discussion boards. Modern computers can accommodate special software which allows communication using this tool. Old machines may not allow the necessary software to support this service. To communicate on the Internet using this tool, the participants have to respond instantly to their colleagues’ messages. Otherwise, the conversation may not be quite sustainable and effective. Members of an organization may create accounts on Yahoo, Excite, 2Go (mobile), eGroups and in order to keep in touch with one another. People do not need to be in the same physical location to communicate (“NCDAE Tips and Tools: Online Communication Tools”, 2007).

Other great internet tools for communication that organizations can take advantage of are use of Listservs. With these devices, the work of sending a common message to all members of an organization, or a specific group of individuals within an organization is easy. Listservs allow one to deliver a message to multiple recipients by simply entering a single address. Furthermore, they may also provide options for structuring a group’s Listserv (for instance, immoderate or moderated) and archiving functionality. There are a number of free Listservs that members of organizations can make good use in order to improve the way they communicate with one another. They include eGroups, Coollist and Topica. Just like free email accounts, free Listservs are advertiser-supported too. The sent mails, with the help of listservs, get directly into each member’s mailbox. This gives them preference over emails and chat rooms. Sometimes, a listserv mail may disappear from all the email group members get. This is a demerit of listservs that may compel a person or a group to choose chat rooms and emails instead. Generally, Listservs eliminate the tedious work of sending a single message to different persons at one time.

Thirdly, discussion boards are other important tools for communication over the internet that organizations can embrace to enhance the effectiveness of member interaction. Discussion boards are web-based devices that allow people to post their messages and access the messages that others have posted. On discussion boards, users get the rare opportunity of thinking what they can let others know. They are unrestricted to compose, edit and reflect on what they want and it is displayed to other users. The messages can be accessed at any moment by any other user, depending on their convenience. Using this tool, members of a given group (discussion board) can easily follow discussion topics from the start and monitor their progress as efficiently as possible. This process differs when it comes to emails sent to members of a group. There is no specific time to do it because members can access the discussion at any time, making boards more convenient tools of communication than chat rooms and emails.

Wireless technology one of the fastest growing technologies in the computer world. Network devices can connect wirelessly, reducing the cost and unnecessary labor of network cabling. Dirt Bikes can invest in wireless technology for provision of internet to its employees and management for ease in communication and sharing resources without the need for bulky cables running through different rooms. Besides, the machines within the organization can be installed with Wi-Fi software not only for connecting to the Internet but also for computer to computer connections. This is particularly cost-effective and most efficient way of eradicating redundant materials in offices (“Internet Tools for Communication”, n.d.).

During the present times, organizations are working towards realizing sustainability in their areas of specialization. Sound measures are necessary to ensure this is achievable within the shortest time possible. One of such measures is effective communication among ordinary members themselves, and management officials. Dirt Bikes Company is just one of the modern organizations that require new strategies and techniques to soar as high as they can. The wonders of technology are apparent and every ambitious and focused entity must take advantage of the recent developments to steer its operations to the highest performance level realizable (Illich, 1971).

Internet Tools for communication are plentiful. However, each organization must be able to identify and choose the ones that can serve it in the most effective way. Some Internet tools that are best utilized at individual level since they cannot be effective when used at group level. The management of Dirt Bikes must be ready to study and research thoroughly on the available internet tools which it employ profitably within its functional structure. This is important to ensure that whichever option is preferred to the rest must be cost-effective and suitable as a communication tool for groups.

In summary, communication is the key to the success of all individuals and groups that require coordinated functioning and implementation of ideas. Technology and, in particular, the Internet, has opened up the communication channel by offering affordable, convenient means of sharing information. People need this; organizations need this. Dirt Bikes should not be left behind.


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