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In the article, New Technology Uses Solar UV to Disinfect Drinking Water, by Emil Venere, published on September 29, 2011 at a new technology of water disinfection is discussed. A professor of civil engineering Ernest “Chip” R. Blatchley III developed a new environmentally appropriate technology of disinfecting water with the help of ultra-violet sun radiation. Sunlight is focused on the transparent pipe by which water is passed all the time.

The problem of water disinfection is of vital importance for a large part of the population of our planet. It is extremely important in the developing countries. Drinking water in these countries very often is not treated to improve it by removing contaminants. As a result, many people, including children die from the deceases caused by the bad quality of the water they consume.

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The developer considers this method to be useful, system very easy to assemble and use. The system for disinfection under investigation was very cheap to build, informs the author of the article. It was “less than $100 for the materials."(Verene, 2011).

One more advantage of this system is that no chemicals are used to make the water clean. However, this method also removes some of the pathogenic microorganism from the water. At present, this system is tested on the problem of removing all sort of pathogenic microorganisms to make the drinking water safe to consume.

The novelty of this technology consists in the fact that the ultraviolet radiation from the sun was used to disinfect water to make it safe for drinking. Similar investigations have been carried out for twenty years but the main difference was the fact that they used artificial sources of ultra-violet radiation. This method is not only cheap as only the sun energy is used but also environmentally appropriate both for people and environment as no chemicals are added to disinfect the water.


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