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The Dutchman is a play written by Amri Baraka. The book can be described as a political book written during the time when the black and white had their differences. The main argument, however, in the book is the issue about race discrimination. The book focuses mainly on two characters that are Lula and Clay.

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The name of the character presumes that Clay is a symbolic meaning of the African manhood that is in him. The first instance of discrimination noted in the book is when Lula gets into the train. She blames him for looking at her bottom. She insists on this even when Clay refuses to accept her arguments. According to Lula, the blacks were seen to have little intelligence. She uses her stereotype to make him speaks about it. She uses the advantage that Clay can be easily manipulated and seduces him. She wants to go to a certain party and hints to have sex with her.

The book highlights several mistakes that exist in the society. The conversation between Clay and Lula shows that the society still regards the blacks not in a proper way. It does not come with a surprise that there still exist some forms of stereotype of the different. This is partially revealed when Lula says that “you are a well known type. I know the type very well” and then Clay says “without knowing us specifically?”  Lula’s stereotype is not actually her ignorance, but it is how white people perceive black people.

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Lula makes fun of Clay’s speech. She finds it funny. Secondly, Lula also makes fun of Clay’s educational background and the way he dresses. She finds his three-button suite funny. She says that his blackness makes him be passive. There is also an element of mock and discrimination of the dance. It is presumed that the white do not dance together with the black. Clay says that if black people stopped trying to heal what they are going through by listening to music and engaging in other activates, which will make them become cold like white people, blacks would kill the white and one would never see acts of racism anymore.

Finally, it is noted that white people do not have any respect for the black. Lula stabs Clay tells the people riding in the subway to get rid of the body. She says “Open the door and throw his body out, and all of you get out at the next stop” (“The Dutchman”).

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People in the subway are black and this is just another way that the whites have no respect for black people. This proves the fact that the next person that enters into the train at the next stop sits behind Lula showing that the blacks are always at the mercy of the whites.

Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner is an American comedy-drama. The cast characters are Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn and Katherine Haughton. I totally agree that the movie depicts racism. The reason for this judgment is the facts that interracial marriage was illegal. The sad part is the fact that Joan is in relationship with Dr John.  Joana, who was brought up as liberal-minded, finds it to be normal since she was taught to treat everyone equally. Her parents are shocked since they never expected that Joan will bring home a man who is black. As a matter of fact, John notices the negative response from the girl’s parents. He tells them that he will not marry the girl if they object and they will separate from each other.

The writer makes John to be perfect. The film shows how family and friends react to this situation, their discomfort about the choice of the couple. Consequently, the main characters privately discuss the problem with each other. However, Matt Drayton approves their decision to get married. The writer says that the film is a clear indication of how the friends and families can have a negative impact on a person’s choice of a spouse.

The film touches a popular type of racism. That is black on black racism. This occurs during the time when John is taken to his father. This is the worse form of discrimination. When even your own people reject you, then there is nothing more terrible.

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