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The comedy deals more with social ideas. This is because it is all about a family set-up that is trying to deal with different social issues of the members.  For example, in series 1 (2011), Mrs. Brown is trying to find out why her children are having many secrets. Her daughter Cathy has a secret affair with a man and won’t tell the mum. Her son Mark does not want to open up and tell his mum why his wife has thrown him out.

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b). Mrs. Brown is trying so hard to have solutions for the social issues in her family. She expresses her concern to her children but they still don’t want to be open. She tries to give pieces of advice to her daughter-in-law which just turns out to worsen the situation.  

c). The main obstacle that Mrs. Brown is facing in achieving her objective is lack of corporation by the family members. No one is willing to share their issues. This gives Mrs. Brown a hard time. She has to work very hard to find the information by herself.

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Drama: Mad Men

The drama focuses more on social issues. The characters are involved in a series of relationships with different people. For example, in episode 21 (A Night to Remember), Peggy discloses her true feelings to Don. The two then gets into an affair which does not lust.

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b). Peggy’s main problem is to find a man to date for a long time and probably marry. She discloses her feelings to the men and wish they take her serious. She really longs to settle down.

c).The men that Peggy meets are not ready to commit in a relationship. They are very slippery. For example, Don just goes about doing his other businesses. He dismisses Peggy’s suggestion. She also finds out that Kurt is homosexual. She has to end the relationship and look for another man whom she can relate.

Another Example of Sitcom: King of Kensington

Larry King is the main character. The episodes revolve around him mostly. Larry was advocating for the rights of the less advantaged in the society. He believed that the less advantaged in the society also have their rights. He fought very hard to protect these people in the society. At times he was not accepted in the society. Other people did not hold the idea that the less advantaged also have rights in the society. The show uses the character to teach the society to respect other people in the society. 

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