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Free «Themes in Anglo-Saxon Literature» Essay Sample

There are numerous themes employed in the Anglo-Saxon Literature.  In this case of study, only two themes have been put into consideration so as to help to understand the entire plot and flow of events in the poetry. The first theme observed in Anglo-Saxon Literature involves the expanse at which religious devotion and domination affects the characters’ lives supported by the literature works. The second theme yet observed in the Anglo-Saxon Literature postulates the domination of heroism amongst different social classes of people captured in the texts. As a poetic means of communication, various elements of Anglo-Saxon Literature have been addressed to in order to help to portray these two themes to the readers.

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In this analysis, the two stories of choice are "Beowulf" and “The Dream of the Rood". Observed from the text “The Battle of Maldon Beowulf”, the theme of heroism domination is supported by quotes: “-celebrate immense heroism in the countenance of overwhelming chances” (line 17) and “-A Hero on the Beach” (line 22). These two quotes strongly support the incorporation of heroism and its dominance as supported by the texts. The theme of expanse at which religious devotion and domination affects the characters’ lives has equal representational quotes from “The Battle of Maldon Beowulf” text. A case in point entails, “The light appeared from the east, the brilliant inspiration of God” (line 13).

According to the “The Dream of the Rood” poem, the two themes have equally got a comprehensive approach. Based on the quote, “Then I saw I mankind's Lord Come with immense courage when “(lines 33b-34b), “The Dream of the Rood” poetry comprehensively brings about the theme of religious devotion and domination. Furthermore, “-mankind's Lord-” (line 33b) is an additional quotation from the same line portraying the theme of heroism domination amongst different social classes captured in the poem. Finally, the quote “heroic fighter, hurdling on the Cross to battle death” (line 10b)is yet another support for this theme. 


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