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When it comes to the elements of literature, The Lady with the Pet Dog by Anton Chekhov and Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice have a lot of similarities and differences. In the world issues and aspects of life are so intertwined that it would be impossible to mention some aspects and ignore others. Issues like love and morality usually go hand in hand. This is especially so when it comes to fictional stories. They always have a lesson and this is based on the fact that love is usually blind. The two authors have used their writing skills to intertwine several themes among which love and morality feature appreciably.

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A close examination of the way Tarzan the protagonist of Tarzan of the Apes, and Anna Sergeyevna the protagonist of The Lady with the Pet Dog, react to their encounters with strangers demonstrates the joys and tribulations of falling in love.

Both Tarzan and Anna Sergeyevna are strangers in the world they live in. However, Tarzan is not aware of this fact until the day he is fully grown and he starts differentiating his less hairy body from that of his neighbors and ‘family’. He is seen as an inferior because of some of these differences to the extent of being known as a spirit. The fact that he is finally accepted as an ape does not deter the fact that he is completely different from the other apes. He falls in love with Jane whom he has to save from his greatest adversary, Terkoz.

Anna, on the other hand, is a stranger in Yalta, the city she came to visit, and people only labeled her as ‘the lady with the pet dog’. She does not even know whether her husband will be fetching her or not. She is also not sure if he is a member of any government or the board which Gurov finds amusing. He labels her as an ‘inferior race’ because she is a woman. She starts developing strong feelings for Gurov and is torn between him and her husband.


In Anthony Chekhov’s The Lady with the Pet Dog, love is an overwhelming theme which is immensely intertwined with morality issues. Anna is a married woman, but she seems to be falling in love with another married man. Both of them seem not to love their marriage partners, but they fear parting their present marriages to be together because of the moral implication. Yalta is also a city known for its promiscuity. The author uses this city as his setting of the story mainly emphasizes the theme of immorality. Gurov is almost twice her age and she is married, but she cannot forget him even when she goes back home. Eventually, Gurov travels all the way to St. Petersburg in order to find Anna, the love of his life.

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Tarzan in Tarzan of the Apes is presented as a lively character that is full of life and adventures. He just has been alienated from his tribe and he is trying to fit in it. However, he realizes that his greatest adversary has just kidnapped a woman that he loves. He has to try to save her, even if it means fighting. In both stories, lovers go against all odds in order to find their loves. The difference is in the climax of the stories. Tarzan kills Terkov and saves Jane. Anna and Gurov solve their issue by trying to find means of freeing themselves from secrecy. It proves hard and the story ends with suspense.


The Lady with the Pet Dog is set in a seaside spa in Yalta, which seems to be a holiday destination for most tourists. Anna says that she is expecting her husband to arrive there because he needed a rest too. It is also known to be a promiscuous town; probably due to the relaxed mood during the holidays. The second part of the novel is set in Moscow when Gurov returns home. The third and final part of the novel is set in St. Petersburg when Gurov travels there to find Anna in the pretext of a business trip.

On the other hand, Tarzan of the Apes has a setting at an African jungle with minute evidences of civilization. Tarzan is given his name due to his white skin. We are presented with an innocent child who later learns how to hunt and also discovers who his parents were. He has to work extremely hard to prevent his ‘home’ from being taken away by a tribe of Africans. In addition, he has to protect the woman he loves from a cruel adversary.

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Writing Styles Employed

Both authors have used the block writing style where the stories are divided into parts. Tarzan’s story is so divided that there are many monologues with a series of continuation to these stories. They begin when Tarzan is young until the day he kills his adversary and saves the woman he loves. In The Lady with the Pet Dog, the story begins with the two lovers meeting at a tourist destination. The next part is where Anna goes back to St. Petersburg and Gurov goes back to Moscow. The last part is the reunion of the two lovers in St. Petersburg.

Suspense has been utilized in various ways in the two books. One which is more evident is the one in The Lady with the Pet Dog. Here, the story ends without telling us what happens to the two lovers. We are left to wonder for ourselves whether they left their respective partners or not. This is the pertinent question which remains in the readers’ minds. In Tarzan of the Apes, suspense is used when the reader is left to wonder what would happen in Tarzan’s and Terkoz’s fight.

In both books, we can see conflict in wills and between characters. The authors use this technique to bring out the foreshadowing aspects preventing the lovers from being together. Tarzan is prevented from being with Jane mainly because she has been kidnapped by Terkoz. At the beginning of their meeting, it was difficult for the two of them to be together due to their incompatibilities. However, they both find ways of being with each other. They go against all odds just to be together. Anna is a married woman already. Gurov is also a married man. The two of them love each other and want to be together. Nevertheless, their moral obligations prevent them from doing so. Despite the joys they feel when being with each other, the lovers from both stories are suffering because of the same love. It is a case of something so sweet becoming so bitter.


It is evident from the two stories that there are joys and tribulations of being in love. The two main protagonists have to try and get rid of several hurdles in a bid to enjoy their love for each other. However, it proves to be difficult in the case of Tarzan, and almost impossible in the case of Anna. The two stories are similar in their presentation of the joys and tribulations of love. Eventually, the reader is left wondering what would happen next. This is a revelation that only the authors can provide. 

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