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“The Hobbit” films are directed, co-written, and produced by Peter Jackson and the series is based on the 1937 novel The Hobbit. The pre-production of the series faced a number of challenges regarding the nature and complexity of the films. This paper highlights the activities undertaken in the production of the films.

After the settlement of two legal suits, one from the current director Peter Jackson against New Line and the Tolkien Estate against the same company for breach of contract, the management gave mandate to Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro as the directors of the film. Under the leadership of the two men, a lot of research was undertaken to determine the characters and technologies that were to be included in the film. Del Toro as an experienced and avid film producer used his skills andknowledge of the fantasy genre and the folklore research he had undertaken to direct the production of characters and also animation activities. Writing of the script was also done by Del Toro and Jackson through videoconferencing as the two consulted with other experts including Walsh and Boyens. They were also involved in the selection of actors and actresses who would participate in the production. Del Toro’s expertise of an experienced director was essential in the final films that were produced even after his departure due to delays in production datelines (Thompson, 2012).

The departure of Del Toro left Peter Jackson as the only director and producer of the film. The production process was also hit by another challenge when actors from New Zealand boycotted participation in the production citing their denial of union rights to participate in the making of the film. The New Line threatened to relocate the production site to Eastern Europe, and protest from New Zealand enthusiasts and fear of loss in Tolkien’s tourist led the government of New Zealand to intervene and allow the production of the films in New Zealand (Thompson, 2012).


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