Free «F.T. Marinetti Interview» Essay Sample

Why did many people presume that you were more into radical writing rather than designing?

I am better remembered as being a poet, ideologue, polemicist and a radical futurist but I’ve highly influenced graphic designing through my ideas and vigor which basically influenced succeeding visual practitioners as well as futurists. My ideology towards designing was that the designer dominion was not merely restricted to visual, but should also dynamically engage ideological and cultural concerns. 

What motivated you into writing the Futurist Manifesto?

The historical constraints which had hit Italy ranging from past hatred, anarchy, violence, and the fact that the country had remained to be a second-hand dealer in clothes were disheartening and that’s why we intended to bring in modernity and major improvements in architecture, theatre, music, poetry, painting and also sculpture and therefore strive towards full fusion of art and life, as well as overrunning each aspect of political, social, and cultural existence. 



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What was your first graphic design work and how has it been influential even up-to-date?

Most of my contemporary work was sculptural and two-dimensional but my visual work was basically typographical experimentation with the aim of symbolizing the vitality of my poetic work. My first work was a 1912 piece called CHAIRrrrrrrRR and I aimed at breaking the typographic harmony throughout that paper. I intensely tried to battle conservative rectilinear constraints grid and this resulted in the usage of letterpress whereby the letters radiated into the metal blocks were put into a sternly rectangular frame so as to print them. Therefore, the words in the poem show high graphical quality, as well as graphical elements that formed a principal, which has been essentially in use in graphic design ever since.

The picture below depicts the design used by Marinetti while making the CHAIRrrrrrrRR.

There have been numerous applications of your typographic designs in the modern world and majorly on the Tribute To Guido Guidi, Dada typographic design, as well as the Futuristic Cookbook designs, what’s your take on that?

Majority of my artwork was centered on speculative deep meanings and for instance the Tribute To Guido Guidi design shows how powered transportation was going to change the transport field and this clearly depicted my devotion towards mechanization. Further I employed mark of innovative lines of might which projected upward and forward as a show of abandon and confidence. Moreover, the 1923 Dada typographic design poster revealed my dynamic and madcap composition technique and revealed a unique design through of jumbled type but it was precisely and rationally arranged hinted on the specificity and mechanical influence during my creativity process. Actually am glad to have taken literature art to a more artistic nature through my audacious designs with the help of futurism and happy to notice that even to this date many people make use of these designs.

The pictures below show the designs Marinetti worked on; the first one is the Dada typographic design, while the second is the Tribute To Guido Guidi.


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