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This project proposal paper discusses in depth the proposal which is aimed at setting up a daycare room at a Canadian college for students who unfortunately gave kids. A survey which was done pertaining the issue revealed that 78% of the students who were interviewed considered that there was really a need to establish a daycare facility at the college institution since majority of the students who were mothers spent almost 10 hours around the institution therefore it would be socially and ethically correct for them to have a center for their kids, who are yet to join kindergarten. Establishing a daycare facility in the college will be beneficial to both the children as well as the students. The student apparently gets the opportunity of attending lectures and seminars, and eventually is able to attain a degree which would brighten her future.  On the other hand, the child will highly improve his or her communicative as well as cognitive skills at a very early age.

The country’s economy has been losing quite a lot  due to high levels of college drop outs as the government is forced to take care of young mothers together with their kids since they are unable to financially support themselves and their children. Therefore, this project is massively aiming at eliminating this form of dependency on the government funds as well as at ensuring that the girl-child is literate and fully educated since the society has had negativities towards educating the female gender but due to the global sensitization towards gender equality then this would be the chance to show our young mothers that they matter to us and the society in general by giving them a chance to continue with their academic endeavors.



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The building which will be the childcare center was once the college’s library in the 1990s but the college built a new modernized library and therefore left the building unattended, but it is still in a good shape, though it requires extensive renovations bearing in mind that the facility will be housing kids even younger than one year old. The project will also require the hiring of qualified and certified childcare staff as well as licensed medical facility for preventive measures and for taking care of any ill children, or dealing with emergencies which might occur within the care facility. Moreover, customized furniture and intelligent security system are required. Therefore the project budget estimates are about USD 2,000,000, and the time frame is 5-6 months.

Introduction and Value Proposition


The daycare center project proposal solely aims at appealing to be awarded an opportunity towards constructing a daycare facility within the college for children whose mothers are students in the college.


The key purpose of the project plan is establishing a daycare facility for kids in the college. 


A research which was carried out a while ago revealed that majority of students considered it ethically right to establish a daycare facility within the college so as to help in taking care of kids whose mothers were still students in the college. Actually, 78% of the students agreed to the plan stating that most of their time is spent while in the college premises, and therefore the young mothers would be relieved to have a place where their children could be taken care of while they themselves get time to attend their classes. The 21st century has come with its challenges and one of them is that the young generation is being exposed to adult content while they are younger thus finding themselves becoming fathers and mothers at a tender age of even 15 years. Further on, many female students these days are becoming young mothers, and as much as we would like to blame them for such predicament, it is not entirely their fault since it is the aspects of today’s era. Thus there comes up a burning call for establishing daycare facilities in our institutions of higher education. The facility will offer quality child care since it will employ highly qualified teaching and care staff and this will be beneficial to the child since they will acquire communicative and cognitive skills at quite a tender age and more so the students will now be able to fully concentrate on their education and seemingly complete their desired degree programs.

The Problem Matter

Teen pregnancy has been on the rise among the current generation and it has really been posing a challenge to young mothers since they are always torn between furthering their education and staying at home to care for their children. This phenomenon has resulted in high rates of school drop outs in the country, and it punctures our principles and believes together with those of the society and the government that everyone has the right to get education. It is also imperative mentioning that the teen generation is actually the most susceptible part of any population and therefore intensive care and notion ought to be taken towards how to deal and enlighten them towards becoming responsible and productive citizens in the future.

According to a research contacted by the World Health Organization (WHO), just about 16 million female teens globally give birth each year. Moreover, majority of these pregnancies are unplanned or even result from child mistreatment, poverty, or even rape, and hence birth of a child comes with numerous challenges to them. Their life completely takes a U-turn and takes on new specific meaning, followed with new responsibilities and lifestyles which sometimes are hard for the teenager. Unfortunately, unplanned pregnancy affects the academics since it is absolutely difficult to tangle between taking care of the kid and attending studies. Moreover, the mother may undergo a lot of pressure and stigmatization form her parents and for them becoming unsupportive means that she might even not have the capability of taking care of the newborn and some of them end up running away from home and even take them to adoption centers.

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It is not the wish of any parent to see their daughter get pregnant while in teenage stage but since some of these circumstances are unavoidable it is the best interest of the young mother to know that she has a long way to go and for this reason there came up a need to establish a care center within the institution and help these mothers achieve their dream goal.  Since some of these young mothers still have their wishes of pursuing education, its our duty to help them realize these dreams by coming up with projects like the daycare facility, and the college administration ought to help such citizens further their academics. This initiative will definitely make the young mothers’ life greatly easier, since they will discontinue worrying on the subject of their children, and therefore dedicate their full time towards academics and thereafter achieving their career goals.


There are numerous benefits which are expected to be achieved from the above project and they include: 

  • Majorly assisting the young mothers who are now students to wholly attend the college lectures along with getting their  dream career degrees;
  • Helping the young mothers in bettering their future life through academics and thus attaining financial wellbeing;
  • This facility will assist in giving the students a peace mind;
  • In addition, the project would help in increasing the quantity of degree holders in the state and therefore foster academic excellence;
  • Most important is that the kids will definitely benefit a lot through the improvement of their communicative skills as well as cognitive and language abilities;
  • Lowering the rates of college dropout throughout the community which would foster quality habits to the younger generation;
  • Future prospects include attaining economic stability within the community and the country at large since everyone will be educated therefore fully participate towards nation building;
  • The children would benefit a lot in terms of mental development as well as physical training;
  • The college will receive national recognition for helping the girl-child in realizing their academic dreams.

The Drive Behind the Project

I have witnessed a couple of my age-mates dropping out of school as a result of teenage pregnancies, and quite a number of them were abandoned by their parents which saw them enter into risky lives of drug abuse, crimes, and even prostitution so that they can at least get the finances to raise the kids. Therefore such scenarios have pushed me into deciding to propose a daycare project for the little kids whose mothers want to continue with their education dreams. Combining academics and taking care of a child is not a simple task bearing in mind that the mother in this case is a teenager who is naïve and raw in matters of child rearing. Furthermore other higher learning institutions within our country and also beyond the horizons have taken the initiatives of setting up similar daycare facilities and therefore it will not seem odd to establish such facility in the college.

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There will be quite a number of stakeholders who will be directly or indirectly involved in the daycare project, and each of them plays a distinct role in ensuring that the project comes to a success. The stakeholders involved include the parents of the children, the college principal, the government, UNICEF, the college itself, the developers, project manager, auditors, maintenance professionals, as well as the local business entrepreneurs. The template below shows the goals and objectives of each of the above stakeholders in ensuring that the project becomes a success.

Name of Stakeholder


Goals Objectives



To see their daughters achieve academic success

To ensure that their daughters get financial stability

Want to see their grand children acquire cognitive and communicative skills as early as possible

To see their daughters attend lectures


College management


To become an academic giant in the country

To offer education to every citizen

To see that all students feel comfortable within the leaning institution

To offer the girl-child a second chance in education



To enhance economic development

To give education to all children

To reduce poverty through education

To finance the project so as to minimize school dropouts

To see that the female child gets financial stability





To see that the girl-child is educated

To sponsor education of the girl-child


To reduce the rate of girls dropping out of school


Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association


To foster the development of confident and competent professionals

To give educational aid funds


To improve and strengthen learning structures in learning institutions

Project manager


To timely complete the project

To finish project while under budget

To meet all the stipulated requirements

To satisfy clients

To provide good team management

To manage the project scope very carefully

To avoid project cost spiraling

To make clear detailed set of requirements

To manage each stakeholder’s expectations carefully

To provide encouragement and incentives to ensure staff satisfaction



Maintenance professionals


To finish their work in time

To meet all the stipulated requirements

To satisfy clients


To renovate the classrooms in time

To install state of the art security system



Project Charter

Daycare center

Project sponsor:


The government of Canada, UNICEF, Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA), and the college management.


Project manager:


Mr. Cornelius  Katwekera


1.  Executive Summary

The following describes the project to be executed

Summary and Objectives





(Note: this can be a restatement of the key points identified in the ‘Executive Overview’ section of your written submission

The project about starting up a daycare center in the college is aimed at giving assistance to the students who unfortunately have kids. A survey which was done pertaining the issue revealed that 78% of the students who were interviewed considered that there was really a need to establish a daycare facility at the college institution since majority of the students who were mothers spent almost 10 hours around the institution, therefore, it would be ethically correct for them to have a center for their kids. The main objective behind establishing the daycare facility in the college is that it will be definitely beneficial to both the kids and the students. The student in fact gets the opportunity to attend her education matters and eventually is able to achieve a degree which would definitely open up her future. The child on the other hand will vastly improve his or her communicative and cognitive skills at a very early age.

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      The Canada has been losing much in economic sense as a result of high quantity of girls dropping out of college, and the government is therefore forced to take care of the young mother together with her kid since she is unable to financially support herself and the child. Nevertheless, this project is particularly aiming at eliminating this kind of reliance on government for funds and more so intents to ensure that the girl-child is fully educated, because the general public has had negativities towards enlightening the feminine gender, but owing to the universal sensitization towards gender parity this would be a chance to prove to our young mothers that they also are important to us as the society is giving them an opportunity to pursue their academic activities.

The college initially showed its support for the project by giving us several rooms which were used by the library in the 1990s and this is a strong indication that the institution fully abides by its motto of “knowledge and wisdom shall be you future”.


Planned Start Date


May 20 2013

Planned End Date


September 2013

Estimated Project Budget


$ 2,000,000

2.  Project Scope

In Scope


Out of Scope

Renovating two classrooms (painting, new carpeting, new roofing, new lighting system)


Clearing the compound surrounding the daycare center

Installing intelligence security system (CCTV cameras, setting up a control room)



Purchasing furniture


Ventilation system  

Partitioning the third room into a medical facility



Installing sporting equipment into the fourth room



3.      Milestones/Critical Success Factors 

List of the major milestones and planned target dates for the project and brief description of the critical success factors (i.e. evidence that the milestone has been achieved) are given below.


(key deliverables)

PLANNED TARGET DATE Critical success factors

Renovation of 2 classrooms


June 2013

The classes will be fully painted

The floors will be newly and completely carpeted

Ventilation will be operational


Installing of security system


September 2013

CCTV surveillance  system will be operational

The control room will be fully functional


Installing playing equipment

July 2013  

Reconstruction and equipping the medical facility


  August 2013

The facility ought to have an examination apartment having equipment like stethoscope, microscope, and a drug store with dozens of cabinets




September 2013 The chairs and desks should fit the stipulated dimensions




4.  Assumptions

This project makes the following assumptions:

  1. A major assumption is that the children who will be admitted to the facility will be between 70 and 100.
  2. The college education goals and missions are to be sustained.
  3. All the sponsors are fully committed to donating their financial and resources share up to the end of the project.
  4. The project management is fully committed to the renovation and development of a state of the art daycare facility which meet up the current ministry of education standards.
  5. The prospected two classrooms and plating facilities will meet the need of all the children.
  6. The telecommunications, utility, infrastructure, and security intelligence facilities are easily reachable and are of high quality.

5. Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for the following:

  • Preparation and designing of the daycare center project.
  • Ensuring that the preclusion of risks and hazards is in play when setting up the plan, duration as well as coordination of the work and also work phases.
  • It’s the duty of the client to ensure that the contractors and project supervisor are competent and more so adequately resourced.
  • Make sure that the coordination between the supervisor, manager, and contractors is effective and also that all the appropriate information has properly been passed to the project manager/supervisor.
  • The client will organize the full implementation of all the plans of the daycare project.
  • It’s the duty of the client to draw up compressively written instructions concerning the repair and maintenance of the classrooms and the instructions must have satisfactory data on professional health and safety matters.
  • The client should draw up a written code regarding occupational practice and oblige that all the parties involved in the project have to adhere to the laid down code of practice in issues concerning health and safety at work.

6. Payment Schedule

The client will provide payment to the Project Management firm as follows (hint: tie payments to key deliverable dates):

  • June 2013, after fully renovating the two classrooms;
  • July 2013 after completely installing the playing equipment;
  • September 2013 after installing the intelligence security system;
  • August 2013 after reconstructing and equipping the medical facility;
  • September after procuring the furniture.

7.      Approved by: 

Project Sponsor:


Print Name Signature Date


Project Manager:

Print Name Signature Date

Plan Design


The daycare project is composed of the interior plus exterior reconstruction of the building. The exterior renovations scope comprises the setting up of new grooved roof, doors, locks, and glass windows while the interior sections to be renovated include painting, electrical installation, repairs of walls and the floor and also installing working ventilation system.

Project Duration

The project proposal stipulates that the daycare project would commence by May and end by September 2013. Building and renovation of the two classrooms together with the medical care facility and the playing room will start immediately and will last during about one month. The roofing part of the project will commence directly after one month of the project beginning and will be completed within two weeks. The healthcare facility then will be fitted with furniture ranging from storage units, patient chairs and medical apparatus immediately after renovations are complete. Ventilation system will be fitted after major renovations have been done in all the four rooms. 

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The project renovation work will be carried out by an international contractor who has massive reputation of doing excellent job and the project manager together with the supervisor will be responsible for supervision. A technical and designing expert will be needed in supporting the works planning stage and more so monitoring the work progress, and reporting directly to the financial sponsor.

The Budget

The total expected cost of the whole daycare project is estimated at USD 2,000,000 and the budget line expenses are authentic costs, considered on the basis of references for the essential renovation work and integrating the current market charge for proficient expertise, operational costs and materials.
Budget column 1: Site Management

This budget supplies for a proficient project manager who will be on site for 5 months so as to organize the renovation work. The financial statement additionally provides for 5 months of secretarial services whereby these services will be essential during the preparation of vouchers, documents, the task of typing financial and technical reports, as well as communication. Moreover, the budget offers finances for any extra personnel related to operating expense, including travelling allowances to sponsors and donors.
B: Contractors

The budget seemingly covers all the whole costs stipulated for contracting work in the renovation, all raw materials, logistics, and the staff. The budget also supplies expenses on maintenance and fuel of vehicles used during supervision and the transporting the donors/sponsors. It is important to note that the budget covers the expenses of water and electricity consumed during the maintenance process of the project.


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