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Free «Is The US In Decline?» Essay Sample

Americans are no exception among other world nations and most Americans have a strong nationalistic pride for their country for different reasons. Their level of patriotism is not measured by their country’s power or wealth but by the perception that their nation is exception. Most people believe that the US is extraordinary special and best in the planet. However, this great nation is now degenerating into mediocrity that denies its status as one of the most well up nation in the world. The American decline has come as a result of three decade campaign by conservatives who want to transfer the nation’s wealth to only a privileged few (Nau, 1990). In their recent convention, the democrats and the republican confirmed that the United States is no longer in a decline. This fact compelled to deny the claims that reveals the claims to which this issue became a domestic political debate over the country’s role in the world.

According to Prestowitz, (2010) it is through the republican bold steps made by the republican president to elevate the entire population and develop the infrastructure that the world citizens envied. Three decades ago Ronald Reagan, a republican president, set in motion a movement to hasten the America’s deterioration that was later accelerated by George bush. Recently, one world organisation confirmed the success of republican’s efforts to relegate America to second rate status among the world nations. The republicans opposed any means that would lead to full recovery of the labour market but rather sought to kill jobs in the rampage to block the government of its revenue.

According to World Economic Forum the Democrats criticised wasteful government spending, burdensome regulations, lack of government transparency unsustainable deficit and mistrust in business and government institutions. These are the major reasons that dragged down the US economy and a swift correction measure had to be put in place (Phillips, 1993).

The Libertarians view that both parties the Republican and the Democrats are to blame for the decline in America. They argue that the democrats over-regulated all industries to comply with the expensive and almost impossible terms. The republicans allowed them to do so in some cases. According to Peter Thiel, the “why” question was almost an ideology that made the government to outlaw technology.


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