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The most effective way to evaluate the strategic plan is by conducting random client and staff evaluations of the services being offered. Employees or staff evaluation can should be conducted by testing the levels of job satisfaction while the clients or patient evaluation will be conducted determining the quality of services offered to them through oral interviews or through open ended questionnaires (Bello, 2002). The evaluation should be done weekly to make sure the quality of services offered are okay and also to maximize the profits in case of a private healthcare facility.

Control and evaluation process is an important measure in a healthcare organization. Due to poor valuation and less creativity activities in a hospital setting most of them have opted to sell part of their business or to merge with other healthcare facilities. Thus, such organization leaders/directors/ managers should be able to understand the factors that impacts on valuation (Detrobra, 2009). According to this case of a hospital with a six year strategic plan the healthcare partners should have creative healthcare valuation possessing the three valuation levels (risk, growth and earnings).

Creativity and control are compatible and should be allowed to work hand in hand in a healthcare setting. This is because, it allows under-stocking in the inventory levels, clinical satisfaction is increased when there is overburden in counting and ordering, the risk of patients will be reduced by avoiding expired items in the clinical area, over-ordering due to poor storing skills will be limited and liabilities due to vendor-managed items will be evaluated and controlled. In order to attain the following creative control in a healthcare setting the following healthcare valuations should be undertaken: surgical/medical evaluations should be encouraged by bringing in experienced best practices and up to date state of art tools, capital asset valuation by introducing barcodes and conducting pharmacy valuation- this should be done at the discretion of the clients, this can be done on client provided pricing. All the above are creativity valuations designed from computer programming (Rutto, 2006).


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