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Video gaming has recently become a very popular activity for people of almost all ages. Many adolescents and children spend large amounts of time and money while playing them. The discussed study has shown that while some games practically have some educational contents, most of the popular games promote negative impact on children.

  1. The aim of experimental study was to measure the effects of watching and playing violent video games on the aggressive behavior of children, both boys and girls. This experiment tracked the effects of passive watching or active participation in the same violent video game and the influence on the subsequent behavior of the children.
  2. The null hypothesis Ho: there is no statistical relationship between the subsequent behavior of the children after passively watching a violent video on the television and actively playing the violent video game.

The alternative hypothesis H1: there is a statistically significant relationship between the subsequent behavior of children after passively watching a violent video on the TV and actively participating in a violent video game.

  1. The experimental method confirms that in 95% of cases there is a probability of problem. The probability level allows others to provide similar studies in expanding and confirming the results. The experimental method is a valid tool for facilitating an objective psychological perspective. In psychology, experimental study is suitable. On the other hand, the experimental procedure was not designed to study emotions, behaviors, or mental states, which are subject to nature. If to compare this study to physical sciences, psychology looks as a pseudoscience since the researchers present numbers so precise that does not really exist in real life. There are always unfairness issues in the present study. These results can be explained in a number of ways, and psychological theories just guess why the results became the way they did. The correctness of the theory is usually hard to approve or disapprove.
  2. The independent variables refer to the variable attributes that are determined outside the model, while dependent variables are determined inside the model. In this experimental research, there were three independent variables, namely, passive watching of violent video games, active participation in the violent video games, and the non-violent condition. Under this study, the researcher aimed to establish the impacts of the 3 main independent variables on the dependent ones. The dependent variable was the subsequent behavior of the children. The participants were randomly distributed according to the game conditions.
  3. Participants, in amount of 56 people, were from two schools from Netherlands. Twenty-eight of them were boys and the other 28 were girls. The results showed that the active violent response had 8 boys and 12 girls, while the passive violent response had 10 boys and 7 girls. The non-violent reaction showed 10 boys and 9 girls. Some percentage of the participants knew the purpose of the exercise, but this did not have a significant influence on the dependent variable. Thirty-eight children were in the 5th grade and 18 children were in the 6th grade; there were an equal number of boys and girls. Their ages varied from 10 to 13 years where 25 were 10 years, 23 were 11 years, 7 were 12 years, and 1 was 13 years-old.
  4. After actual active participation in the violent video games, some boys behaved more aggressively than the boys who passively watched the offered game. In addition, aggression was not significant among girls. This finding is an indication that particularly for boys, playing video games leads to more aggression than watching television violent video games. The hypothesis was confirmed. There is a statistically significant relationship between the subsequent behavior of children after passively watching a violent video on the TV and actively participating in a violent video game. There was however, no difference in the behavior of the boys with respect to the violent video games and the non-violent ones.
  5. The strength of this experimental study provided a great insight into the actual occurrence of the subsequent behavior of the children since its base is a real-life act of aggression, as opposed to laboratory experiments. It is observational and hence it does not lead to bias. Moreover, this experimental research measured the effects of the three-factor dimension on the dependent variable so that the effect of each one could be an object of the separate study.
  6. However, there are some operational limitations. For example, these children were well aware that they were watching a video game and not a television program. In addition, in determining the aggression measurement, it is worthwhile noting that children might have come across upsetting situation while others may not have felt the same way.
  7. Finding of this experimental study is a perquisite to teachers and caretakers where special attention and regulations are required while handling children’s violent video games play. It is also necessary for social debates on the regulations that need to be introduced in order to control spreading of violent video games among children.
  8. In future, this experimental study should not only focus on the aggression caused by watching violent the video games but also investigate why they do so. Future experiments should also expand the issues for studying and involve more factors that could influence a display aggression in children.


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