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This refers to any sort of change that is likely to be caused by an opportunity, a threat or a problem. But in some cases, there is a special reason for change that could be referred to as ‘just for the heck of it’ or a change that takes place just because the organization is dealing with a human who are not at any one time static. Other drivers of change include new management but, the major ones are threats and opportunities which may have their origin as either internal or external. Internal origins include such cases like excessive staff turnovers and new capacities and capabilities while, external problems might be new technology or entry of strong competitors in the market.

Change management

This is an approach of transition and shifting a person, teams and the firm in general from the present situation to the desired future of the organization. It is usually an organizational process whose objectives are to influence the stakeholders to embrace and accept the necessary changes in their business environment and personal lives. In the context of a project management, it refers to the process where changes are officially introduced in operation and approved in the course of the project.



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Change management refers a process employed to ensure that the most significant changes in the organization are implemented and controlled in a systematic manner. One goal of change management is to align people and organizational culture with strategic shifts in the workplace. To counter change resistance, it is important to increase the engagement of all parties and the achievement of organization goals.

To achieve sustainable change, people must have a strong understanding of the current state of the firm and the implementation of the appropriate target strategies. Change process usually applies task and structural change. It is thus important to ensure change management strategies are driven by the changes that are expected to occur.

Process of change management

The methods, used in the successful management, are based on a fundamental insight. The following tools can be useful in the process of change management:

(a) Leaders should establish a sense of urgency to help others see the importance of immediate action;

(b) Managers should create a guiding coalition that is powerful to guide the change process;

(c) Develop a vision and strategy to clarify how the future will be different from the past;

(d) Communicate the change vision to other stakeholders in the organization;

(e) Empower broad based activities to remove barriers for change;

(f) Generate short term wins to enhance visible chances of wins;

(g) Consolidate the gains and win more productive change.


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