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A blender technician is a very important employee in a beverage company. He is the one responsible for the proper mixing and blending of ingredients to get the required quality of the product. He is required to make sure all ingredients are in the right quality and quantity(Mathis & Jackson, 2003). He also makes sure the company’s product is always at its optimum quality in order for the consumer to remain satisfied.

The blender technician is supposed to adhere to specific guidelines. In this position, one is required to control and execute the delivery of the daily blend. Keeping the schedule is an important discipline for the company to remain operational fulltime, and any delays may cause a lot of operational traffic and may cause a crisis. A blender technician is the one supposed to order raw syrup from concentrate making sure the quality is as specified. The technician also oversees the manufacturing of the raw syrup with adherence to the quality specification requirements. He has to make sure blending requirements are maintained according to the stipulated standards. Product transfer equipment also falls under his responsibilities to ensure system-wide conformance to quality and sanitation standards (Chaudhuri, 2010).



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At the Coca-Cola Company, the technician is supposed to coordinate the blending of the syrup according to the production schedule and make sure the blending is of high standards always. This is to maintain the laid down and high standards of the company as expected by its loyal consumers (Dessler, 1997). Being the one responsible for scheduling, ordering and manufacturing of raw syrup he is expected to provide raw syrup to the production line without fail and within the laid down timing and in the required quality and quantity.

All blending equipment is under him. He is expected to ensure all equipment is ever in the best maintenance conditions and calibrated with the right measurements. This helps to avoid mistakes of amount, meaning that the quantity of the syrup is always as needed, no more or less but the exact. The Lab Data Management System is under his control and manipulation. He is to ensure all data circulating around him is keyed in as it comes for record keeping and planning purposes. The data includes sanitation and yield information.

In food and beverage companies, hygiene is crucial in its operation. This is because overseeing it could lead in a potential health disaster tarnishing the name of the company leading to potential loss of market share. The Blending Technician has to regularly perform sanitation duties on the blending equipment. This ensures health hazards are prevented and avoided. There are ingredients and raw materials for manufacture of the syrup which are quantified by him. He ensures they are in the right supply and as scheduled. The waste obtained in the course of production should be disposed within the guidelines of the company’s recycling efforts. This is a key duty that the blender technician must never fail to perform (Simmons-Welburn, & McNeil, B. 2004).

The requirement a blender technician has to meet to get this job varies among different companies. In the Coca-Cola Company, a blender technician has to meet stringent attainments to get the job. Because the technician will be operating from the laboratory he has to be well conversant with the environment. The company deals with large productions and at a relative speed. This means that the Blender Technician has to have the ability to make quick decisions and work in a fast paced environment. Due to the accuracy that must be exhibited in the production and delivery of syrup the Blender Technician has to have basic math skills. His problem solving skills must also be commendable. Data revolving around the technician has to be stored for planning. He, therefore, has to have basic computer skills. Due to the fast paced nature of the company the technician may find himself carrying more than one task at a time. Ability to multitask is an advantage. In a beverage company, like in most food companies, hygiene is supreme (Pankl,Theiss-White & Bushing, 2010). Thus the technician has to have a basic understanding of sanitation practices. In terms of certificates, a high diploma, Bachelor of Science or a bachelor of arts in either chemistry or biology is preferred.

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Due to the complexity of the raw materials mixing should be of high quality and accuracy. The blender must be good in chemicals. This means that chemistry is a core subject for a blender. The blender not only has to be good in chemistry but should be good in the handling of laboratory apparatus and chemicals. At no time should an error occur while handling chemicals because this would jeopardize the whole production process. According to Ferris et al (1995), this may lead to wastage of resources and time. Consequently, there would be a delay in the production and supply to the market. At worst a blender’s blunder may lead to the delivery of a product which is not up to the required standard. This may lead to the consumers questioning the company, and it would be an uphill task rectifying such a fatal mistake (Illinois, 2009).

Biology is also an added advantage. This is because the blender has to be conversant with the ingredients. The syrup, which has sugars and other ingredients, can only be well understood by someone who is good in biology. It will also assist in having on the best ingredients for mixing and of the best quality. Biology will also assist him in documenting the ingredients used. Combining biology and chemistry helps him to identify each individual component. With mathematics skills, the blender quantifies each component to have accurate data (Donovan, Painter & Coca-Cola Amatil, 2009).


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