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This deals with the study of application of the knowledge about people and groups in an organisation. There are different approaches that are available for this study. System approach interprets the relationship between the people and the organisation in terms of a person as a whole, group, organisation or the system as a whole. The purpose is to build a better relationship through ensuring that human, organisational and social objectives are achieved.

1.Michael Willemyns, Peter Hosie and Brian Lehaney. (2011). Communication and social identity dynamics in UAE organizations, international review business research papers pp.245-256)

In the Middle East and especially United Arabs Emirates many people are going there to work. People from other continents are moving to United Arabs Emirates to find work due to the good working conditions there. This has led to Emiratis reacting in a number of ways to this new people in their country. This is because these people are from different races, religions and different countries and hence Emiratis are bound to change the way they stay with people due to these differences with the visitors.



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For this Emiratis have devised ways to leave and communicate with these new people in their country. While at work the Emiratis have changed and come up with new ways to communicate with these new persons. This is because the people are of different races, religion, countries and sometimes different languages from the Emiratis. To accommodate the new people the Emiratis have become less formal in their talking so that the new people do not feel out of place. English is the adopted language for other nationals to communicate well with the locals.

Emiratis see themselves equal to the foreigners and hence are able to comfortably merge with the foreigners. They view themselves personally and not collectively and this makes it simple for them to interact well with foreigners. With the large number of foreigners in United Arab Emirates there is more cultural interaction and this has led to a healthy environment between persons

2.Beena Salim Saji, (December, 2012). Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Career Commitment and Collectivism in UAE—A Paradigm Shift. Skyline University College. United Arab Emirates.

The important of this research paper is it’s consideration to the collectivistic as a major component of business culture. The study aims at finding the effects of the organisational cultural orientation. A number of studies relate to the collectivism of the organisation behaviour and commitment of employees to the business culture. According to Beena, the current generation of UAE employees has undertaken studies to manage the highly dominated profession by the western philosophies.

People exhibit variation in terms of competition, relationships, cooperation, and individual behaviours due to different cultural orientation. Some of the cultures have high levels of individualism that tend to reduce the interpersonal relationships thereby adversely affecting the strength of teamwork in an organisation. Having an active interest helps the group, team or the organisation to achieve a common good for success. In this case the deviation in cultural dimension is used to explain the variation in work group between the Arabic and Western cultures. This article perceives the Eastern cultures as collectivistic while the western culures are viewed as individualistic in nature. This is the reason that curtails teamwork in many western organisations.

The study reveals that there is a shift in the behavioural pattern that is based on collectivism. In the United Arab Emirates, careers have grown among the nationals lately due to increase in government commitment in employment and education.

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3.Abubakr M. Suliman. (2009). Organizational climate and turnover in Islamic banking in the UAE. The British University in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This paper addresses the main challenges that face organizations particularly in the United Arab Emirates and the gulf countries. According to the Gulf news, poor recruitment and retention of staff have led to high rate of employees turnover in united Arab Emirates organizations costing companies over 10 billion dollars annually. In Middle East, recruitment and retention becomes a challenge in both public and private sector amid global economic crisis leading to added costs.

According to Abubakr, most of the professional departments instill unique knowledge and skills in their members to increase efficiency and effectiveness in work. After recruitment, the successful employees are taken through a thorough training that matches with the requirements of Islamic banking and the organizational atmosphere. Unfortunately, UAE companies losses significant income due to loss of talented professionals besides incurring high costs in the consequences of turnovers. This consists of the highest proportion of the country’s wasted resources.

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The research shows that cultural diversity in UAE indicates a high staff turnover rate in an average time span of two years with a typical manager. The increase in staff turnover affects the company’s competitive advantage by revealing a negative image about the company’s internal environment. Organization with stable workforce and low rates of employees turnover have strengthen their competitive position in the industry.

4. Abubakr M. Suliman, (2012). Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Islamic Banks: The Case Of The UAE. The British University of Dubai. Dubai.

The essay is important as it explores the impact of employee’s perception and the influence of manager’s influence on the work relationship and behaviors. The study examines how a leader’s behavior influences the public’s behavior in Uae and other Islamic banking corporations. In the Middle East, banks have grown to be among the successful businesses.

After its introduction in the 1990s, the Islamic banking corporation is one of the fast growing economic sectors. Islamic banking activities are always consistent with the sharia laws basically defined for a non interest banks. According to the Islamic religious teachings the sharia prohibits charging of interests to their customers. Islamic financing is becoming a considerable source of liquidity to cash strapped authorities of the western world.

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The writer aims at investigating the influence of leadership behaviors and organizational behaviors in the Islamic banking sector. The role of organization behavior is also examined on how it affects the outcome of the company. This study reveals that transactional and transformational leadership styles play a significant role on the organization behavior of employees.

5. Mustafa Ozbilgin, (2009). Applying a Relational Framework for Diversity Management Practices in the United Arab Emirates, human resource management journal page 299-315)

Due to the level of skill the foreigners possess they earn more. The government of United Arabs Emirates is working hard to improve the salaries in the public sector to be more competitive with the private sector. This is because the Emiratis are also interested in working in the private sector where the salaries are good. The private sector has favourable working conditions and that is where most foreigners are also competing for the same jobs. The private sector is more fulfilling and hence workers in this sector are more productive compared to those in the public sector.

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The quota system is however employed in areas that are said to be of great interest to the Emiratis or very important to the United Arab Emirates government. This is to safeguard the interest of the people and the government and to make the Emiratis feel that they are involved in the protection of the national interests. However private businesses have tried to avoid this rule. This has led to partial failure of the quota system. The home nationals have viewed their fellow nationals with contempt even more than the foreigners have done.

In United Arabs Emirates the individuals’ citizenship does not really matter and neither does it affect an organization’s production. Thus the citizen’s not identifying with their nationalities and the Emiratis not viewing other nationals as outcasts has really helped the work environment in United Arabs Emirates. This has also led to career development among the people living in United Arabs Emirates. The population in UAE is perceived to hold cultures as a society because it is made up of Arabs but in UAE each person acts as an individual.


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