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Organizations focus to deliver their principal objectives. It is thus, fundamental for management strategies to reflect the provisions required. Organizational change enhances the prospects of objectives’ realization. Over the recent past, organizations have been instilling adaptive measures to boost their institutional capacity, efficiency and realization of a desirable output. It is the responsibility of managers and leaders to take up the task of organizational change to ensure it leads to company’s success.

Organizations can use either a rational or emotional approach to implement a “casual Friday” at business. Many leaders adapt the emotional method in implementing institutional change. This strategy is a personalized and guides the organizations towards certain principles of eminence. The approach can initiate a revolution of a “casual Friday” to business by using authority and influence, character, traits, training, planning skills, and knowledge of motivational techniques. For example, the strategy could involve adapting casual attire during Fridays at business. This is a personalized change that alters the traits or character of the company’s employees. It can reduce the official nature of the day and give it a distinction from the rest of weekdays. The leaders are the ones to articulate and advance the idea of attire change in the emotional approach.

Managers prefer the rational approach. The approach involves regulation of financial plans, charges, and implementation of emotional approach packages that leaders propose. For example, in the case of implementing a “casual Friday” in business, the approach could involve: managers coming up with a budget for Friday retreats. Managers account for these retreats in the organization. However, it may be after the leaders have articulated such an idea with the emotional approach.

The rational and emotional approaches to organizational change are complementary. They are like leaders and managers, who ought to work jointly in order to realize the institutional objectives. In implementing of the “casual Friday” in business, the emotional approach may entail detailing out the policies of the impression of a “casual Friday”. It may include details like change of working location, use of casual attire or reduction of working hours. However, the rational approach realizes such policies by providing a framework for financing the “casual Friday” and implementing the leaders’ vision.


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