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Free «New Methods of Evaluating Customer Sales Representatives» Essay Sample

The reliability results for the clerical tests and work samples show positive results. They are favorable for Phonemin Company, as they are able to determine the amount of work done by the customer sales representatives. This system also helps to keep an account of registered complaints from each individual and to predict the amount of work that is going to be done by the Customer Care representatives and the accuracy and quality of work being given to the company. As the article states, many people are turning to phone shopping where they see what they would love to order and make a phone call to order the item. The Customer service representatives should be able to manage these customers in a professional manner, get their orders and at the same time be able to suggest other items that are similar to what the clients have orders to make more sales.

Phonemin Company’s success is dependent on the success of the telephone ordering system and more dependent on the success of the Customer sales Representatives and is important for them to have systems in place after going through all the interviewing process and short-listing the most probable candidates for the job. Before hiring the candidates, the company should separate them, train, after that carry out a test in order to gauge the performance of the job applicant. The shortlisted candidates should be given work, where their pen and paper clerical speed and accuracy is assessed. The next step should be determining how the candidate responds to calls where a customer wants a product that is out of stock. Then the candidate is evaluated for the work that he does per day and the speed he takes to complete an order. Finally, the company should rate the candidate.


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With the sample of the validity results provided, it is noted that the done work increases with the error rates going down at a significant percentage. This system is therefore good for keeping, as it monitors the job applicants. This system will also help the job applicant see that they need to work hard and accurately in order to keep up with the company’s speed. This system will also show the performance of the job applicant and at the same time teach the candidate on the expectation and ways of handling different situations that do arise in the workplace that may have not been tackled during training and also give the applicant hands on skills. It will also be an eye-opener to the employers, as they will get to know the behavior of the applicant beforehand. This system may be a good way of giving them personal tests.

Though the study is a very good way of providing incite to the company, it has its limitations, the major one being the ability of the applicant to fake. The applicant may provide a very good work sample with little errors and once they get the job this may not be the case. Laxity from the workers side may be experienced with time and many complaints may be registered. This system therefore requires that the workers are kept in continuous checks in order for them to create quality work and success for the company. This system also requires having an external observer for it to work, as it may be tampered to produce good results whereas poor quality of work is done. Lastly, this system is implemented on a group of people, this means that some people may be riding on the hard work of others. This system needs to be made more personalized in order to get accurate results from an individual instead of group results.


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