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Friedman is an academic and leadership consultant who presents four ways which enable success in all aspects of life. He explains his views in a practical way by describing complete leadership to be undertaken as a program in order for one to become a successful leader. If one is taken by this program, one should emerge as an outstanding and intellectual leader in all aspects of life. The following paper seeks to explain the definitions of all arguments as stated in this book, , the evaluation of the arguments, criteria for meeting these arguments and problem, and the solution for accessing success according to Friedman.

Part A

This book specifically examines the success and failure of leadership qualities in individuals and cooperates. This is comprehensively covered in complete leadership program crafted by the author Friedman. Friedman has a vast experience in cooperate world because he served as an advisor to Jack Welch a former CEO in an electric company. Not being an academic, his approach in leadership concepts is easy to understand, as opposed to other cooperates. His ideas are focused on how individuals yearning for leadership skills can assume harmony in all aspects of their life. These skills are applicable in any stage in one’s career. Being real, integral, and innovative one can result in success at four different ways: family, work, community, and the self.



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The success of leadership can be assessed by evaluation. Friedman has created his book involving practical and actual examples of people who have undergone his program, though he has kept them anonymous. Such can be achieved through theories and numerous exercises. Total leadership carters for both psychological and sociological aspects. This has proven to be very effective and practical for directors and managers, striving to balance their life and profession. The hypothetical learners who complete this program successfully have the experience to guide other leaders to attain total leadership skills. This method is experimental, and therefore it is interactive and entertaining, and is easily performed. This, in turn, provides concrete motivational and tentative foundations which enhance the component of ones total leadership background resulting into an enhanced approach in life and leadership aspect.

Casually it can be argued that this program has the ability to transform organizational tendencies to express feelings linking them with interactions with other people. This can be achieved through multidimensional links for the learning of how entities seek harmony in various aspects of life. This explicitly and articulately offers a way of incorporating job, society, family, and personal issues. Total leadership seeks to blend rather than dealing with them as separate entities. This is in an effort to demonstrate how these entities can interact and back one another in a more efficient and effective way. Statistical information can be used to illustrate and support this hypothesis.

Using this program various proposals can be put across concerning this study. In the process of trying to ascertain one self, it is proposed that one should “be real” owing to the fact that individuals have the tendency of coming up with biased perspective of the environment they live in. It is highly recommended for one to choose a trainer who can be trusted. This creates a conductive environment where one can express critical values to build up confidence in combating complex entities, encountered by leaders in our community. It is also proposed that total leadership plays an important role in motivational books which can go a long way in inspiring leaders regarding all aspects in one’s life and their harmonization and codependency.Part B

Q1.It is important to be effective in all aspects of life for one to become an effective and contended leader. For one to become total leader certain guidelines must be implemented. It is the desire of every leader to be strong, stress-resistant, healthy, and participate in communal projects. The above features and guidelines if conclusively met, successful leadership is defined. Friedman has come up with methods that integrating one’s life aspect making it possible to go in line with the modern trends.

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Q2.For the purpose of fulfilling this purpose, he believes one’s career life is defined by the identity of oneself in other aspects of life. For the accuracy of this method, certain features must be put into consideration:

a. Under quantitative criteria first, equivalent aggregate of challenging elements must be met to form a constant equilibrium for fair competition. Secondly trade-offs should exist where one benefits in one sector and loses in others.

b. Under qualitative criteria, one must act with integrity and creativity to enable one become an outstanding successful leader.

Q3. In the research of his program, Friedman states that people who spend less energy and time in their professions and focuses this energy on other life aspects have recorded enhanced satisfaction in the overall aspects.

b. Total leadership if exercised in right methodology affects the definition of one’s life aspects. It also affects energy and time management in all domains of life.

c. The above effects are caused by focusing the four-way win in all domains of life sufficiently. Experiments create flexibility towards the realization of the leadership goals and therefore play a great role in leadership objectives. These causes have a high possibility of occurring if the right approach is applied to enhance total leadership.

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Q4.Friedman states that in order for this program to be effective, cooperation and support of every stakeholder in one’s life is of paramount importance. It is also important for these stake holders to have mutual benefit for one to be proven effective in this field.

a. In the process of recruiting a coach among the stakeholders an aspiring leader one may select a stakeholder whom they fear “dreaded stakeholder.” This may pose a big challenge for decision making for the parties involved.

 b. In a scenario like this, the need to rectify such a problem arises. This should be done to avert future problems for the purpose of developing a successful and an efficient leader.

c. This problem can be remedied if an individual seeking leadership skills can recruit a coach in this field whom they can trust and feel open deliberating any issues arising through the training process.  

d. Shortcomings create a possibility of failures in the midst of success in this field of leadership. Success should be assessed through reflection. This enables one to make adjustments and learn from experience for future perfection. In addition this allows one to become a coach to help others improve their performance in all aspects of life.


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