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Acquiring an abroad qualification is expensive and time-consumimg, however, it is approved in a lot contries except Australia.For this reason, majority of qualified professionals from overseas are working in unduly low levels,not according to their qualifications. The Australian employers put much emphasis on local experience and this has a negative impact on  overseas jobseekers.Highly qualified and skilled professions arrive in Australia seeking employment but to their dismay, Australian employers do not value international experience.

The employment services, which are funded by Federal Government, providepeople with a diverse cultural background into white-collar jobsinstead of hiring them according to their qualifications Despite the legislation of equal opportunity for all job seekers, the rivals between backgrounds and discrimination are still exist.

The Federal and State legislation bans the discrimination in terms of age, race, colour, disability, gender and religion, thus, ensuring equal opportunity. Nevertheless, individuals from other linguistic, racial and cultural backgrounds are discriminated  in employment.



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Australia is considered to be among the richest, industrialized and developed nations. It has a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of of US$1. 57 trillion with an overall wealth of 6.4 trillion dollars, making it one of the world’s main capitalist economy. The service and mining are the main sectors of the economy.

Part 2

Your resume should highlight your  academic credentials for desired job. Moreover, enlist your working and volunteering experience, own preferences , extra curriculum skills. Your resume should indicate that you are well-rounded

Conserning the organization of the resume it should be presented in either chronological or functional manner.Functional resumes are opt for career changers where skills are grouped into category whilst job titles are in a few words listed at the bottom. The chronological format is suitable for current college graduates, who are on a reliable career path. Experiences  and responsibilities are listed in a reverse sequential order. Chronological resumes emphasize on one's education as well as significant work experience, and they are preferred by many employers.

The resume must emphasize on accomplishments as well. Fresh graduates should accentuate on their education- including degree, major, date of graduation, academic honours, As well as the GPA. Significant work experience, computer skills, language skills, activities and honours should also be included. 


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