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Free «Strategic Planning Tools» Essay Sample

In the need assessment, the need entails the necessity and is seen as the space amid the aspects like ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’. Needs assessment is a very fundamental element needed to implement change. The capacity needs assessment process does not provide the answer, but offers an analysis, judgments, discussion, team work and problem-solving. In addition, this process offers a system that is transparent, systematic and participatory, especially in the non-profit and public health organizations. This process clearly categorizes acute actions that ought to be implemented and accomplished to an acceptable level, if chosen control results and developments are to be reached in an organization. The next step developing strategies for not-for-profit and public health organizations is the assessment whether crucial characters and their organizations have the capability of implementing these actions and attain the anticipated action results. This stage of the needs/capacity assessment needs be the most systematic, and in many situations it uses plenty of time and resources (Gary, 2011). The main stakeholders and appropriate documents need to be referred for the implementation of actions. A strategic planning process via the needs capacity assessment integrates an in-depth planning system that takes place over time with community participation, especially with the non-profit-oriented organizations (Ronald, 2002).

The above special assessment should be executed in place of another strategic alternative assessment, such as a SPACE analysis, due to the fact that SPACE analysis works best in organizations that are particularly profit-oriented. The SPACE analysis entails a management tool that is applied in the analysis of an organization. It is a stool that is basically used to define what type of a strategy an organization ought to embark on. The SPACE analysis is in most cases applied throughout professional market analysis of an organization, as it is concerned with factors such as financial strength, economy of the form and competition (Anthony, 2011).


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