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Like all the other types of journeys in the history, especially those that have led to the significant contribution to the development of the new and modern era, ELA should act as the outline of Bulacan development. It shall work as a chart upon which programs and projects of the Provincial Government of Bulacan are officially laid-down, accepted, permitted and dedicated upon by those who are occupied in the policy-making and implementation.

Hence, I lengthen my sincerest praise to the members of the Bulacan for taking part fussily in the critique of the programs and projects on the facet of law-making and policy. Likewise, the approval is due to the supervisors of offices and other personalities for having concretized the steps and the definite direction on the facet of implementation and examination.

I am certainly thankful for the dedication of the stakeholders who shall guide and those who shall take part in the implementation of the programs and projects. Those embodied in the ELA shall form the gist and nature of our province, as the governor strives to boost up its socio-economic class as its development shall be valued by those in the grass roots.



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With avid hopes, continued industry and notable dedication, I am optimistic that the

provincial government of Bulacan shall benefit from the sight of the golden dawn that shall mark the birth of the new Bulacan.


Bulacan: A premiere province with prosperous tourist destination driven on agro-based advancement in an eco-cultural diverse community with discipline, peace-loving and empowered and residents.

In the attainment of the provincial government’s vision, the following mission statement was likewise identified, which PGB is committed to pursuing.


To develop, create and promote the socio-economic development asset of the province as well as to explore the potential development facets that include culture and heritage, environment, health, people empowerment and agriculture.

Our goals:


To ensure and to design an education system that can be able to accommodate the people of Bulacan province by allowing the system to generate graduates that are employment sensitive. The education system should be able to offer free basic education, so that illiteracy level can be reduced.


To promote research among the institutions of higher learning, to get preventive and curative drugs for the people of Bulacan, hence reducing the mortality rate. Better polices concerning the right to access medical care will also be addressed. This will make it possible for the residents to access medical care.


Having had rich and fertile soil, my administration will pave the way for access to quality seeds, fertilizers and machinery that will help improving the agricultural productivity of the province, hence reducing the number of Bulacans who are hungry due to lack of food or limited access to this basic need. 


Improve the infrastructure of the entire province, thus paving the way for development. Good roads, availability of water to every household, electricity, and other social amenities will be put in place so as to improve the livelihood of the people.


The provincial government will take the due responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the culture and heritage of the people. This will help building integration and cohesion among the citizens, thus reducing the rate of crime and insecurity in the area. The tourism sector will be activated due to outstanding security. In addition, potential international investors will also turn towards investing in our province.

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My most emphasis will be maintaining and improving the environmental conditions that favor development. This will be done by improving physical, biological, chemical and human environment.

With the efforts of the people of Bulacan, through co-operation and hard work am sure that we will be able to make our province a better home. Thanks a lot for your votes. 


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