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Change management is defined as the efficient loom that helps in handling change. It deals with change from the point of view of the organization or company and from an individual level. There are three aspects of change management. They are: becoming accustomed to change, managing change, and implementing change (Reiss 2012).

Resisting Change

Change management, however, is not considered by everyone. There are both proponents and opponents of this approach. Employees who are likely to resist change mostly are those who feel that the change has abused their rights. These individuals will feel oppressed and may hence resist to whatever changes had been made. Groups or organizations that feel that the change affects the profits or benefits may also resist it. This is because they will see the changes as a threat to their business. Individuals may also resist change if they feel that it involves them working or going extra miles in whatever they are doing and with no benefits. These individuals will resist change as they will see themselves as being taken advantage of (Sharma 2006).



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Individuals or groups who are likely to resist change also include those individuals who have no options or choices but to expect the changes. This is because the changes will be effective whether they like it or not hence they are likely to resist it least. Individuals, groups, and organization that are indirectly affected by the change will also try to deny it (Reiss 2012).

Enacting Change Management Strategies

 The practical change management strategies can be used to make the transition to the new system easier by putting into place a team of people that will help with the enactment of the change strategies. An organization should also reward those employees who embrace change well and make progresses. A manager should also encourage his or her co-workers to be persistent and dynamic. All these stated points will help in enacting the change strategies set (Reiss 2012).


In conclusion, change management is effective for an organization, group, and an individual. Those who embrace change are the ones who are best suited to thrive in the competitive world. Change is inevitable (Sharma 2006).


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