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Have you ever asked yourself why nowadays there is a tremendous drop in the student’s academic performances as compared to the previous years? Have you ever tried to locate the main cause of these issues? Is it true and can it be prove that this drop has been brought about as a result of introduction of electronic materials and internet in the learning sector?. These are some of the major questions that we ask ourselves almost on a daily basis as stakeholders of the education sector.

In the early years before the introduction of electronic and online learning in schools, the performance was good. The students were found to be making good use of their natural ability and knowledge. Initially, the introduction of the internet was aimed at promoting the sharing of information from one learning institution to another. It was also supposed to serve in invention and innovation through research among many other constructive functions.

Although the introduction has helped to a greater extent in achieving some of goals in the sector of education globally, it is still considered being a significant contributing factor to the poor performance of the students. In what ways has it contributed to poor performance? This is the question that we are seeking to answer at the end of the analysis.



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First, we have to understand that the internet is a composition of both academic and non academic materials in this context. When properly utilized for academic and research purposes, internet can give quite a recommended output. Most of the students take internet to be a site for social interaction and entertainment. Although the internet has been freely enabled in most schools, its uses have been totally misplaced. For instance, most of the students will opt to use internet services within the school for social interaction and entertainment purposes. Therefore, this will lead to reduction in academic output (Glaser, 9).

Internet, in most learning institutions, has led to erosion of values and morals. Most of the youth experience the issue of identifying with a certain group. Therefore, they will try to copy some of the things they see online with an aim of gaining identity with a given group or peer. In most cases, these attributes are considered ‘immoral’ such as a revealing dress code or even some dancing styles that have been portrayed to be immoral by the societies that we come from. As a matter of fact, morals and values go hand in hand with academic performances. A student who holds high moral values is likely to perform better than the first one, who despite the fact of being bright, has eroded moral values.

Thirdly and lastly, internet in learning institutions has led to lack of confidence among the students and also deviation in attention. There are a number of links in the internet that are of substantial help to the scholars. Links such as Google search engine, Wikipedia among other links provide a wider range of detailed information about something that might be of help to the student, but when overused, the student will lose confidence in his/herself and also in teachers while gaining trust in such links in the end. This will render the work of the teacher to be meaningless. Due to the fact that it is always hard to serve two masters at a time, the student will opt for internet other than teachers. This will then make them be more of machines than human beings.

The issue of the internet and students has been a global issue that has been raised by the entire fraternity of teachers and parents. Internet can be compared to a knife. A knife is a good cutlery that can help in cutting a lot of foodstuffs and be of benefit to us. When used as a weapon, the same knife can be used to cause a lot of harm and injuries. In the same way as knife, internet has been of significant help in education although its negative effects have turned to be outweighing its benefits in an exceptionally speedy way. It is for this reason that I felt it good to address the issue at this early level.

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It has been found to be true that misuse of internet in key learning institutions is becoming an issue of concern. Therefore it is to handle this issue before it is out of hands. If possible, the school should put strict rules, regulation and punishments on the internet use. It is also possible to control and regulate the various links accessible to be learning sites. These will to some extent help solve the issue at a remarkably low or moderate level (Glaser, 29).

In conclusion, the increased use of internet amongst the students has of late affected their academic output and performances immensely. Therefore, as stakeholders, we should join hands in helping reduce this issue which has been on alarm once and for all. If not possible, my only resort is to put a total ban on the use of electronics in schools and give the old methods a try as is it usually said that old is gold.


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