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Free «Weighing the Evidence» Essay Sample

What reasoning process did the researchers use to formulate their conclusions?

The researcher was able to use deductive as well as inferential reasoning to perform his work. The reason for this resulted from content of findings that he deduced from different pieces of already researched work (Doren, 2009).

What explanation did they give to support their conclusions?

The conclusion was all about the causes of inadequacy of nurses in the world. The researcher concluded that the level of inadequacy is hard to evaluate after he/she had found out that there were limited inadequate nursing resources in the world.

Were there any weaknesses in their analysis or conclusions?

The weakness of the conclusion is that it lacks enough supportive arguments. Since the research relied only on secondary data, all available literature could have been used to support the conclusion.

Consider possible alternate conclusions that the researchers could have drawn based on their data.


Though the inadequacies of nurses range from the limited resources, lack of talented nurses is among the other reasons, the career needs those with proper clinical reasoning skills. This skill cannot be learned then it means it’s inborn skill (Losern, 2002). Thus more research is needed to develop recruitment and selection process that best identifies nurses with the above skills and knowledge.   



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Examine the findings that the article presents and consider how well they addressed the researcher’s initial question(s).

According to the researcher’s point of view, lack of adequate nurses relayed not only on the physical count of nurses but also on the researches that the profession needs. Like the nurses’ talent, devotion to work in any clinical conditions and the ability to make clinical decisions without supervision. The research question was not well addressed since it did not point the cause of inadequacy.

What additional research could be done to build on these findings and gain a fuller understanding of the question?

Research on the causes and remedies of nursing inadequacy was yet to be addressed in order to add more weight on the researchers’ findings. (Shren, 2008). 


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