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In recent years, traffic-related pedestrian death rate among children ages 14 and under has decreased in number. However, each fatality caused by such, leaves a tragedy. Pedestrian injuries  are noted as the second  leading cause of unintentional injury-related death. It is in this light, that this paper seeks to know more and dig deeper on pedestrian injuries, specifically on children.

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In our case, the general hypothesis could be formulated as: Children are more vulnerable to pedestrian injuries because of their physiological distinctions. Consequently, in order to narrow down the scope of the research, it is essential that the researcher defines concrete features of children’s physiology contributing to pedestrian injuries.

The specific hypothesis could be formulated as: Children are especially at risk of pedestrian injuries as they are subject to traffic threats that outgo their physical, cognitive, developmental, behavioral and sensory abilities.

This is a testable hypothesis where the children pedestrian injuries are a dependent variable whereas physical, cognitive, developmental, behavioral and sensory abilities of a child are independent variables in experiment.

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Descriptive Statistics

In this module, the source used survey questionnaires and interview to gather information from the respondents of the study. Such as, the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries which occurred in 2008-2010. The source also aimed to seek for the usual instances and places the deaths and injuries occur. 

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The results of the survey questionnaires were gathered and the data were quantitatively analyzed as follows: 1) In 2008, 669 children ages 14 and under died from pedestrian injuries. Of these, 521 died in motor vehicle-related traffic crashes. 2)   In 2009, 43,300 ages 14 and under were treated in emergency rooms for pedestrian-related injuries and 3) 11 children ages 14 and under were killed as pedestrians in school-bus related injuries. Moreover, the results of the survey questionnaire also show that pedestrian injuries usually occur from 4 o'clock in the afternoon until 8 o'clock in the evening in intersections, school zones and residential areas.

Furthermore, the survey and the interview conducted by the source proves the above-stated hypothesis that children are particularly vulnerable to vehicular death because they are exposed to traffic threats which exceed their cognitive, developmental and sensory abilities. Consequently, children tend to be impulsive and have a difficulty judging speed, spatial relations and distance. The article on Pedestrians' Vulnerability Considering Parental Status, Age, Sex and Crash Severity states that, these incidents could be lessened by the mere presence of parents or caregivers to accompany children.

Therefore, this paper would like to continually affirm its hypothesis that Children are more vulnerable to pedestrian injuries because of their physiological distinctions.

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