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In contemporary society, people oftentimes get involved in the passionate polemics about education. The overwhelming majority of them argue that education helps us survive in this society. Education provides all the necessary means to improve our creativity, broaden our horizons, and have profound understanding of the world around us. However, some people believe there is a very daunting and important barrier that affects education: financial aspect. Many families have not enough wherewithal to afford tertiary education for their children. Therefore, when representatives of these insolvent families graduate from high school they start working instead of continuing to study. How can we solve this issue? What measures should be taken to help these people? What educational programs need to be implemented?

Education can improve our creativity, so we can find different solutions to iron out the differences. Having enrolled in college, students receive broader access to necessary information and data in different branches of science (astronomy, biology, psychology and so on). These classes introduce them to a plethora of various thinking styles and studying techniques as well as teach students to be open-minded. It is important that students express their own thought concerning the subject of research. For instance, Fan Shen in his essay The Classroom and the Wider Culture, (page2) says, “Upon my professor’s suggestion, I intentionally tried to show my individuality by using as many “Is” as possible – “I think”, “I believe”, “I see it fit to”, “I found out that” and so on”. In my opinion, this will excite the curiosity of students, because they possess more knowledge and are more open-minded. This technique stimulates students to search for other ways of solving problems if the previous ones have failed. It induces them to never give up. After all, even if they cannot accomplish the goal, they derive indispensable experience from these searches. It is good for their future, because they learn to create more projects and find different solutions to finish their work. When this kind of students graduate from university and start working, they will design many programs to achieve goals and make great contributions to different areas of social life in general. At the same time, this enables the supervisors to be more flexible when comparing potential employees and to choose the best one. Scrutinizing materials for this paper I happened to read an article about the recruiting policy of the most famous companies in America. It was published in the formal website of SAS. According to this article, one of the companies has more than 4,000 employees in the US. The company hires creative and intelligent people, because they are not only up-and-coming employees who help the company make higher profits. They are so-called “role models” who set an example that other employees should try to emulate. How to be creative? Education is the most tried and trusted way to obtain the necessary skills. Therefore, education is very helpful, because we can learn more and think more. Moreover, we get to know how to crystallize and amplify thoughts in a more efficient manner.



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In addition, education helps us expand our horizons. It is obvious that high school can endow us with rudimentary knowledge and we can avail ourselves of it through our lives. Some people tend to think that we just need to graduate from high school and muster the rudiments. In their opinion, this is more than enough to make a living, because many professions do not require knowledge of any special subjects. For example, a shopkeeper just needs to be able to weigh the goods and calculate the change. All a waiter needs to know is how to write down the information for the order correctly and be polite with clients. A driver faces a little more complicated task. He needs to know rules of the road inside out in order to drive safely. However, the salary of these people leaves much to be desired. It is fair enough, because these occupations require no special expertise. On the other hand, it is essential that representatives of these low-paid strata of society possess many other qualities like physical strength. The share of uneducated people is still high, though it started to plummet in recent years. Due to this imbalance, companies cannot employ them all. It leads many of them to be unemployed.

Today if we want to be more successful and wealthy, to truly expand our horizons we cannot dispense with higher education. Education helps us learn more and know more, definitely. So we will be able to choose amidst more variants. It gives us an opportunity to get to know how to extricate ourselves from numerous stalemates that are in store for us. It enables us to expand our horizons, so that we could be well-versed in many disciplines. Moreover, we can use various approaches to analyze the same situation, compare it with some historic precedents and try to guess what other prominent people would have done if they had been in this exact situation. We can share our knowledge and experience with others who are willing to listen. When students graduate from college or university, their broad horizons will help them get a high-income job easier. They can clearly tell others their ideas, so they can attract more businesses to invest in their projects. Companies enjoy higher profits. And the investors prefer clear-cut points and well-structured programs, because this allows them to better assess chances of each project to come to fruition and evaluate possible yields. Therefore, the chances of a person with higher education to succeed are much higher than those of a person without it. Undoubtedly, education is very important for us, and we should pay attention to it.

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Consequently, studying more and learning more can help us obtain profound understanding. Someone may think that profound understanding is a waste of time, and usually we do not need to understand the topic profoundly in order to communicate with others. In my opinion, this statement does not deserve to exist. We need profound understanding to cooperate with others. For instance, students who graduate from higher education institutions tend to think more, listen more, practice more and design more. H. Bruce Miller wrote in his article Life Is Not Measured in Grade-Point Averages (page 2), “We assume that the purpose of school is to provide job training, and the purpose of universities and graduate and professional schools is to provide advanced, specialized job training”. Despite introducing a student to the miscellaneous fields of knowledge, education in these institutions primarily revolves around a certain major. This allows a student to obtain deep understanding of his own major and receive skills necessary for future job. Companies appreciate students with deep understanding, because as compared to other unskilled employees, they treat their work in a more responsible manner. So they have a good ability at paying attention. They probably will know how to work well with colleagues; meet the requirements and live up to the expectations of clients. They think more and find more solutions. So deep understanding is valuable and important for us.

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Many people are talking about the financial aspect of education now. Families, which find themselves in the financial straits, claim that college tuition is too high. In this case, parents would rather send their children to work when they graduated from high school. To let them continue studying is unaffordable luxury. Sabrina Tavernise said in her article, Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor (page 1),“Wealthy parents invest more time and money than ever before in their children, while lower-income families, which are now more likely than ever to be headed by a single parent, are increasingly stretched for time and resources.” This statement shows me that a myriad of insolvent families neither have time to take care of their children, nor do they know how to teach their children, because they are not highly-educated themselves. Consequently, they may think education cannot help them. I think these parents would be extremely upset if they couldn’t forge a good future for their children. On the other hand, children that grow up in opulent families tend to have carefree future. They have a good studying environment, which allows them to learn more and know more. They take advantage of this opportunity and usually climb the ladder of success rapidly. Poor families assert this is not fair in regard to them.

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Fortunately, many philanthropists in the contemporary world donate their money to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and to restore the equity. For example, they bankroll education of insolvent but clever students. Moreover, almost every college and university has financial programs. Poor families need to pay only part of the tuition first, so their children can go to college. Government also tries to do its best to help insolvent students have equal chances with others. Sabrina Tavernise wrote, “This has been particularly true as more parents try to position their children for college, which has become ever more essential for success in today’s economy.” (page 1). Consequently, it is no secret even for poor families that education looms large in the life of every person. All the available scholarships enable eligible students to take advantage of higher education. I am convinced this is a welcome news for poor families. On the other hand, scholarships are rare, and not all students can receive a grant. Even the most diligent applicants sometimes struggle to get a scholarship. By and large, education is “elephant in the room” nowadays. The government should traverse this issue in order to make tertiary education available for all willing to study.

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Without slightest doubts, I can say that good education is indispensable for all of us. It allows us to improve ourselves, be creative, expand our horizons, have a deeper understanding, resolve financial problems, and succeed in life in general. However, sometimes education creates financial problems instead of solving them. Not all high school graduates can afford to enroll in university or college due to low incomes of their families. Scholarships step in here, but there is cut-throat competition for them. I call on the government to revamp education system taking into consideration the advice of regular citizens.


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