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Innovation is important as it improves the living standards of so many people. Social media usage has been associated with increase in digitalization. the world has now become one globe and this has been contributed by media among other factor. News from as far as Asia can now reach individuals in United States (Prahabad, 2008). Media has continued to grow. Media makes people to get can more involved with societal issues. Social media can make Intel become more innovative in various ways. Through the use of Intel can be able to build more customer base. Intel can do this through do away with middlemen who bring customers to them and instead use social media. This can make the company to be more profitable (Prahabad, 2006).

Social media can be used to attract customers who are at homes. Intel can venture into creation of content as well as development of blogs to attract customers (Castels, 2001). This is only possible if social media is used. Social media is the only ways that can make customers know more about Intel. Once the customer learns about Intel, they are likely to inform others and this is important for development of large customer base. Social media can also help Intel to be improving its services to the customers. The many sites of social media can be utilized by Intel to improve customer services (Prahabad, 2008).



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Intel has been involved in development of various innovative projects for example the creation of next generation touch interface. The use of social media can of great use in such a project as it enables the Microsoft to improve on this project (Santos, 2004). Social media offers up to date information that can be used by Intel to improve on its product. Social media is also an important marketing tool. Intel can use social media site in advertising for its product. Social media is has many users who will learn about the products through it(Castels, 2008).

Through social media, Intel can be able to learn about partners who it can work with. This is with the aim of improving its services to the customers as well as its services. Research has shown that there are a number of companies which have collaborated in an effort to help each other economically (Castels, 2008). Currently, the world has become one globe and no company can function on its own. There has been collaboration s of companies of different nations. A good example is Tata Motors which collaborates with other formation as well as communication technology other companies to improve its products. In order to know which company Intel can collaborate with, social media is important. (Santos, 2008).

The use of social media has enabled so many companies worldwide to develop products which are competitive in the market (Doz, 2001). This is because social media offers the right information to develop these products. As indicated earlier, social media is an important tool in making sure that up to date information is reaching the company (Prahabad, 2006). The company can be more open to the many ideas made available through the social media, making use of those which are important for its. These ideas range from marketing, new product development among others (Castels, 2004).

Currently, many businesses are faced with various challenges which call for innovation to develop solution. Social media is a vital as it offers various ways way on how to solve these problems (Doz, 2001). One such solution is change of strategies as well as business models and the information for doing this is made available by social media. Social media as part of information as well as communication technology is creating unique values to the customers and this goes a long way in making sure that the product is reaching as many customers as possible (Santos, 2004). This move will make Intel to benefit a lot. Through the use of social media, customers can contribute to the development of the product and this is essential in making sure that they (customers) are satisfied.

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Social media ensures that there is reduction of distribution cost. This is because marketing of the products can heavily rely on social media. As a result of this, customers will be able to know where they can get the product. The company will thus not incur cost when it comes to distribution of these products (Prahabad, 2008). Communication with customers heavily relies on social media. The cost of communication while using social media is usually very low. Customers can have too much hidden knowledge which can be of great use to the company. Through the use of social media, this knowledge can reach the company.

Innovative partnership between Intel and other companies can only occur through the use of ICT, specifically social media (Fora, 2008). In short, social media can play an important role in enabling Intel to source information globally. This is in order to enabler the software to be competitive worldwide. Prior to development of ICT, companies got information on innovation from experts but this has since changed following the development of social media (Prahabad, 2006). Social media can help Intel become more innovative when it comes to the search of new marketing areas. As a way of ensuring that the company is looking for new revenue, social media is important as this information is made readily available by it (Doz, 2001).

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Finally, social media is an important tool in enabling Intel to contribute towards solving environmental problems such as global warming. The company will be able to know in which area it can help through the use of social media (Doz, 2001).


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