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Body language or rather non-verbal communication is a common experience in the business world. More and more attention is paid to body language in the course of communication as words are what people trust less nowadays. It is actually what people look out for, and verbal communication is hardly believed by people. Most actually trust the message that is conveyed non-verbally rather than what is spoken. This form of communication is largely applied in job interviews, business negotiations, personal relationships, ethics and office romance. When it comes to a job interview, an applicant has to demonstrate that he/she is interested in the position, confident of him/herself and is able do the job well if given a chance. Of course, one cannot say all this verbally thus having to show it non –verbally.

Slouching is an extremely negative feature, and one needs to avoid it since it demonstrates a lack of confidence in a person and makes an individual look physically inferior to the panel. Slouching is an unhealthy posture, and one needs to adopt sitting upright which is perceived as a positive sign making a person look more attractive and confident and stands as a proof of a person’s ability to handle any trouble at hand. Another aspect is what one does with his/her legs and feet. It is highly advisable to avoid wiggling them since it makes one look anxious and uninterested. One should also avoid extending their legs so much, but instead angle them straight. An applicant should also adopt sitting with shoulders backside, head up and gazing straight at the interlocutor. . Mimicking should come along too, for example, leaning in the direction the interlocutors do without being obvious about it. Handshake, for example, a firm handshake, which does not break the interviewer’s hand, and hand extending in a vertical position with the palm not facing up or down makes a good impression. Palm facing up shows that one feels superior or overconfident, which is perceived negatively. What is more, when answering questions applicant needs to avoid waving his/her hands, touching his/her face, rubbing them and hugging. This may be a sign of uncertainty and prove that a person is excessively emotional. To avoid all that, one should leave his/her hands on his/her lap and look natural. Frowning and folding arms should be avoided since it describes one as being defensive and annoyed. Nodding and giving a smile are necessary elements of making a positive impression. There exist several non-verbal signs that show whether one is being frank or untruthful. Some of them include squinting eyes when telling fibs, which is in a way avoiding eye contact. Blushing can be perceived as another negative sign and can be shown by the appearance of red patches on one’s cheeks, neck or ears. Rubbing one’s nose when answering a question or even touching oneself shows one’s anxiety concerning the lie they he/she has told.

Extreme shaking of one’s head or facing down, keeping hands in ones pockets when answering a question or even answering a question with a barrage of information is also a clear indication of a lie. In the aspect of personal space, angling one’s body towards another, prolonged eye contact, occasional touch on one’s body and even tilting of the head to speak with someone proves interest. Holding ones head down, slouching in the chair, avoiding eye contact and angling one’s body from the interviewer are gestures that show a lack of self worth and will often lead to failure. Office romance could also bring itself out with how employees conduct in the office. Smiling, laughing and touching shows one’s interest in someone.

John S. Croucher of Macquarie University is a renowned philosopher who has clearly brought out the topic of business body language. His article is a reflection of what we experience in our daily lives. We all need to take up the advice he gives since doing the contrary simply means that we are denying ourselves the chance of getting a job, for example, with the job interview. In his article, he brings out in detail all that one needs to avoid and do in a business environment. He concludes by stressing on the pros and cons of office romance.


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