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Attending and active listening are in effect communication approaches that can be applied all through the procedure of working together with specialists and families. Attending and listening actively express respect and assist someone you know to be more familiar with other people in a better way .The objective in communicating with specialists and families is to construct relationships that are collaborative. Contemporary counseling can be almost not unreal without diverse communicative and psychological methods, which complete the communication between the different by ensuring g that communication is less formal and more successful in an easy way. Present day communication within the counseling part could be hard without listening and attending the customer: Active listening and responding suitably are two of the main skills a counselor or therapist need apply in the course of one-to-one counseling meetings with a customer. The ability to communicate efficiently is a vital requirement, in any kind of therapeutic psychotherapy effort. Understanding the significance of these skills, and the ability to apply them consequently, is a valuable benefit for a profession in counseling (Dianne, 2003).

The skill of Listening enables the person who is speaking feel worthy, valued and appreciated. When we give somebody our attention the talker responds confidently by cooperating on a cavernous level, possibly by revealing personal information or by becoming getting more comfortable. When a counselor pays specific attention to what the customer is talking about, they are boosting the customer to continue speaking, as well as guaranteeing communication is open and progressive. The speaker, get a listener who is interested enables him or her to offer more details in a free manner. Active listening needs specific training and is encouraged not only within the sector of counseling, but also in marketing, management, and other connected fields. Both physical and psychological features of the attending are very important. Psychological attending concerns detecting experiences through the eyes of the customer rather than the eyes of the listener. On the other hand, better physical attending can lessen the apprehension of a client (Dianne, 2003).


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