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In the last five years, air travel has been facing many threats. This has affected many travelers who use air transportation since it is faster than any other means of transportation. Some measures have been taken to minimize these threats, although some are not very effective.

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One of the major threats is terrorism. Terrorism has continued to exist especially in the aviation systems of the United States. This is mainly done by the passengers by introducing explosives while on board in the aircraft. The countermeasure taken to mitigate this threat is the use aviation security especially on the inbound flights. Additionally, application of technology that detects the traces of the residue of the explosive can also diminish threats to air travel. This is currently deployed in US. Transportation security administration has also been carrying out screening procedures whereby there are pat downs and full body scans on the passengers for any explosives.

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Ash cloud is another global air travel threat. This happens when a dense cloud erupted from a volcano is thrown in the atmosphere forcing the airports to be closed. For instance, in Ireland and Scotland airports the Icelandic volcano has caused these airports be closed severally. Red zone in the atmosphere means there is severe concentration of this ash causing planes not to fly. The civil aviation authority that regulates the skies uses two planes that investigate the sky for the concentrations of the ash in order to minimize accidents that occur due to poor visibility.

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Although some of the countermeasures are successful, some such as body checking are not effective since many cases concerning terrorism are still reported. Passengers are still carrying explosives, and are not detected by those machines, and hence terrorism is still happening everyday. To minimize this terrorism, a countermeasure that is effective should be used.

One of the countermeasures that can be employed in order to improve security in global air travel is finger printing and photographing travelers who require visas in order to go to another country. This will prevent the occurrence of any future terrorism.


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