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Free «American Football» Essay Sample

American football is a depiction of American culture and represents the most important American values of capitalism, innovation, and resilience. It is entrenched in American society and is a popular event in holiday celebrations and other social events.

It embodies the rights and wrongs of the American society and is symbolic of American way of life.

I. American origin

  1. Different schools and towns competed in competitions with informal rules.
  2. Interschool competitions were the most popular, which led to formalization of the game.
  3. Americans preferred a contact sport different from the British sport where it originated.
  4. The rules of football were in line with the conditions of the corporate and industrial society.

II. Cultural significance in early times

  1. The first Thanksgiving Day game was played in 1882.
  2. The games were more of a social event than a show of athleticism.
  3. The super bowl originated in Pasadena.
  4. It provided a chance for the marketing of tourism, real estate and colleges.

III. Socialization tool

  1. Competitions enable communities to celebrate their place in the society.
  2. It presented a training ground for future leaders.
  3. It is a popular bonding activity in social events through flag football.



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IV. Form of modern entertainment

  1. Legendary players were popularized by the media making the game appealing to the spectators beyond the college elite.

    1. The rise of fantasy football is an example of this.
    2. Sports writing played a big part in making the game and the players almost mythical.

      1. Pressure from local fans and alumni made the game important.
      2. Football supports the American entrepreneurial spirit.
      3. The game and the advertisements get the interest of spectators during football tournaments.
      4. Football is a major recreational event in high schools across America.
      5. Football is a promoter of social constructs in American society.

Ideas of social roles and family values are promoted by rituals of the game.

V. The American Game

  1. Football is interwoven in American culture.

    1. Politicians have publicized it as the American game.
    2. It portrays the visions of the elite for America.
  2. It shows the culture of Americans being their own boss.

    1. The rules of football are different from those of rugby.
    2. Not caring what the rest of the world thinks.

VI. The winning culture

  1. Americans aim to win in all endeavors.

    1. Football embodies the culture of Americans to win in sports as well as in business enterprises.
    2. Americans aim to win at all costs.
    3. Use of intimidation in the sport is equivalent to intimidation in other aspects such as the military.
    4. Summary

Football is exceptionally significant in American culture. It shares many characteristics with American culture. Innovation, competitive nature and resilience portrayed in football are similar to those embodied in American culture.


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