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Free «Serial Killers» Essay Sample

The background, personalities, histories, cultural interactions and cultural influences play a part in the development of deviant behavior.

This paper will focus on discussing how the author explained common themes that relate to the evolution of a killer. This paper will also discuss inconsistencies and weaknesses in the author’s analysis of the serial killers.

The author has referred to movies that remind people that evil beings reside in the communities around us. The author has also referred to incidences in the bible that are associated with demons. The demons that attack an individual try to control the person and make him or her act in ways that are normal (Silberman, 2003). The analysis of the author is quite clear because he has used examples and has also provided citations. The author has used both ancient and modern examples to show that demons have always being in existence. According to the author, it is difficult to distinguish between an insane and demon possessed person (Hickey, 2009).

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