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Thompson (2001) defines gambling as the staking of money or anything of material value on uncertain events with an aim of getting more money or additional material goods. In hospitality industries, gambling is referred to as the gaming entertainment business (Rogers, 2005). It normally takes place in pubs, hotels, casinos, motels and clubs. Gambling activities have been permitted by law, and they are therefore, open to the public (Rogers, 2005). Some examples of gambling are; card games, coin tossing, dice based games, table games, slot machine, video poker and even betting on a horse. This paper will discuss how people should gamble responsibly and the fact that the gaming entertainment business provides gambling services for profit.

Gambling is a very exciting and enjoyable activity, but if over done it might become addictive and dangerous (Thompson, 2001). Some people lose control and show the following signs: always thinking about gambling, spend lots of time in gambling, lying about gambling, and using the money that should have been utilized in doing important activities (Collins, 2003). One can be able to gamble responsibly by making sure they know how the game is played, sticking to the budget already set, setting time limit, not borrowing money to gamble, balancing gambling with other leisure activities, and not using money set aside for daily expenses for gambling (Rogers, 2005).

A recent report revealed that gambling in the UK has played an important role in its economy (Collins, 2003). The industry is able to employ many people and pay a sizable amount of tax to the country (Collins, 2003). All types of lottery games are managed by the state, normally by monopolies that send the profits to the government. Online gambling games have become increasingly popular, and the government receives taxes from the operators (Collins, 2003).


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