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The World Cup, officially known as FIFA World Cup, is a global association football competition. The challenge is contested by national teams of senior men. The participating countries must be members who subscribe to Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) (Brian 44). FIFA is the sport’s World governing body. The championship, inaugurated in 1930, is awarded every four years except for the years 1942 and 1946 when it was interrupted by the Second World War (Brian 44). The format, as at now, involves 32 teams. The teams compete for the title at playing fields within a host country for a month. This period is mostly called World Cup finals. In this essay, I will highlight the 2022 World Cup that will be held in Qatar and the suitability of the country to be a host of such an event. I will put into consideration that World Cup is currently the most viewed sporting event. The net two other events will be held in Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018.

Qatar, an Arab state with 1.6 million people will be the first Arab country to host the World Cup. Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup was the proposal by the Qatar government. In their proposal, Qatar promoted their bid as in the interest of the Arab World, and one that was being support across the Arab league member states. Qatar was announced as a host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on December 2nd 2010.  A friendly match between Brazil and Argentina was organized to give a feel of what the World Cup would be like. This match was attended by many people from various parts of the World. This is one of the issues that strengthened the image of the country in their bid for World Cup 2022. The 2011 Asian Cup that was held there was considered as a warm-up event for the 2022 World Cup challenge. The World Cup in Qatar will be one of the best tournaments ever.

The excellent transportation sector of Qatar is one of convenience to visitors during the World Cup tournament. The transportation industry of Qatar is sophisticated. Their primary means of transport is road. This is because of the cheap petroleum prices in the country. The advanced road systems of Qatar are being upgraded so as to serve the needs of the fast growing population. Many highways in the country are being upgraded with new expressways under construction in the capital city Doha. Other major towns in the country are connected to Doha by a large network of buses, which is the primary mode of transportation in the city (Johnston 2008). Currently, Salwa International Highway links Doha to Saudi Arabia. The city is also linked to Bahrain by both road and rail at Zubarah. However, the country has no rail networks except the one under construction by a German company. The construction will take place over the next 20 years. The main airport of the country as at now is the Doha International Airport. However, because of the huge number of passengers flying in and through Qatar today, a New Doha International Airport is being constructed to replace the existing airport by next year. This will support the World Cup event in a great way.

The modern telecommunications system of Qatar is another added advantage. Qatar has microwave radio transmission to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, submarine cables to Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. Qatar also has satellite earth stations. When calling, one can either use satellite, VoIP or submarine cable. The country has also got sophisticated heath facilities. Doha has a non-profit health care provider, the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). Under its management are various sophisticated hospitals with modern facilities by World standards. Football is the most popular sporting activity in Qatar. Their teams, including under 20 national football team have got outstanding performance.

Working against the suitability of Qatar as a host is the excessive temperatures. Day times in most parts of the country are in excess of 50 °C with daily low temperatures average not falling below 30 °C. World Cup is always held in June and July, which is the European off-season when temperatures in Qatar are well disturbing. The country will have to spend heavily on technology so as to counter the unbearable weather conditions. Temperatures at the stadiums will have to be controlled.

The World Cup tournament is an affair of one month (Brian 44). However, this event is a public relations boon to Qatar and further to the Persian Gulf region and the Middle East. The event will put the country and the region on the map. The booming construction activities in the Gulf will get a boost from the event. The ability to host the FIFA World Cup will also attract foreign investors into Middle East and also boost confidence of local investors. All in all, although the World Cup event is not long-lasting, it will boost the development activities in the region in the following years.  The region will attract attention from all over the World as a business destination.


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