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In Las Vegas community, the whole foods Market are usually based on the decentralized buying system. The professionals of chain supply are not allowed in unlike other states. According to the region, everything is considered unique and employs local businesses. The control is always maintained through multidivisional administrations that creates partnership with the local vendors. Each and every store in Vegas has the freedom of tailoring products and then offers them to the local community (Evans & McKee, 2010). Even though there the community witnesses a very high level of the store autonomy, the products are supposed adhere to the whole foods markets standards which are regulated and maintained.

Similarities with other communities

Due to the decentralized infrastructure in the community, products and vendors offerings are controlled from regional level according to the diversity of each region geographically of the whole markets thus seen in other states too. In the community, all new vendors are required to submit their application to Las Vegas regional office similar to the other states with the same laws governing the whole foods market sector.  The products quality and demand are always determined with the authority bodies similar to other states (Evans & McKee, 2010). This is because there is single supply chain of the whole foods market which receives overwhelming the amount of applications by vendors in the community regions. The multidivisional approach contributes to whole foods market control of the competition and demand of the products and it is witnessed in other states like California. Similar to other communities, the costs of transactions in the outsourcing and creation of partnerships maybe necessary in achievement of the product quality and the ideal Whole foods market striving for.


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