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Free «What Real Science Teachers Do» Essay Sample

Wild science is the most appealing project. I find the project methodology attractive. The teacher uses a variation of methods such as reference materials, chalkboard, speakers, practical exercises, and presentations to demonstrate the information. The project objectives are also exceptionally clear. Wild science is also a riveting topic which evokes a student’s interest to learn more. It is more practical and relevant to real life. The method of evaluation is also standard. This also contributes to the attractiveness of the topic (Project Wild).

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I would like to consider doing one of the projects as an approach to science instruction. For instance, the recycling project undertaken by the United States Environmental Protection Agency is particularly appealing and worth of deliberation as an angle to science. There are advantages of adopting the recycling approach such as reducing the amount of waste that the community damps on land conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas effect, and creates jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries. The disadvantages of the recycling project are: the high amount of money that is essential to start the project, recycling industries could contribute to pollution, time consuming and effort to commence such a project (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

 The good news of using science projects for instruction is the fact that they are effective for instruction due to their practical nature. Students can easily relate to practical aspects of science. When tutors use science projects such as developing a schoolyard habitat, it helps students to connect with wildlife and enables them to learn faster. Such project becomes a place where students learn about wildlife species and ecosystems, and also outdoor laboratories to improve their academic skills and develop their curiosity and creativity.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) multiple coverage of science subjects is an appealing approach to science. It is a versatile model which helps to impart students with indispensable skills on various subjects. However, other approaches such as the constructive approach to content and meaning, and science connections, made to students across the curriculum, are not off the mark.

In conclusion, science curricula has been transforming over time. This has been the case because of the desire to develop easy programs for students to understand science. It is crucial for science teachers to employ versatile approaches in teaching students. Approaches which involve students are efficient in learning. Practical aspects are also significant in teaching science. 


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