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Computer evidence collection is a complex of actions, which requires a lot of skills to be accomplished (Bill, Amelia and Christopher, 2009). The admissibility of computer evidence in court calls for legal procedure in obtaining it. Therefore, an investigator must obtain search warrant to seize computer evidence.

Evidence collection is very important for crime prosecution in a court of law. The evidence collection process must follow the prescribed procedure for it to be accepted as valid during a trial. In this regard, the objects found in a crime scene should be tagged as evidence. Tagging is normally used to identify the collected items.

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For this very case, first, I will make sure that I am safe by carrying out a security check of the place. After that, I will mark the perimeter of the place of the crime –scene tape. After that, the computer and all objects, found in the crime scene, will be tagged. This will include: removable media, cables, all computer equipment including peripheral, items taken from the dust bin. Secondly, once the tagging is complete, a photograph is taken to  display the tagged items and the information.

Since the computer was on, digital camera will be used to capture precisely the three applications running in the computer, as well as, Yahoo Instant Messaging. The chat session, open with talk of a drug deal (that is to happen at 9:00 PM) will also be captured in photograph. A photo of the computer will also be taken. The camera will be directed to capture the conversation, which was going on the computer.

Documentation of the evidence

Documentation of the evidence will include: photos, made on digital camera and a video record of the occurrence at the crime scene.  I will then write down the computer type, serial number the programs, which were running and the time. In addition, the evidence document will also include all the items, which were present and had been tagged as evidence.


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