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Jubal A. Early is  among the top influential people who are linked to the period of the Civil War. He was a fearless  general  who served in the Army  during the conflict, he also commanded respect for being one of the figures who wrote  Confederate history. Jubal Anderson Early was born in  1816. He was raised  in Franklin in a family that had significant  influence in the county. Confederate history forms  an incredible part of enlightenment  which  enhanced American union as well as American dream. In this regard, history points Jubal as one who contributed to reshaping of the American dream.

Jubal carried out a fierce raid of Washington so as send a warning of their mission. However, they were defeated. After raiding  Washington , the Union troops which were established  under General Philip Sheridan defeated Jubal. The General Sheridan’s primary goal  was to eradicate the Early’s army. Early’s army was outnumbered three to one. Therefore, his army suffered a series of defeats. These were in the Battles of Winchester, Fisher’s Hill and Tom’s Brook consecutively at the end of 1864. He then tried a surprise attack at the Battle of Cedar Creed, but the Union army organized a counterattack that defeated him. His remaining forces were later defeated in the Battle of Waynesboro in March, 1865. This gave the army of General Ulysses to encounter  face to face with General Sheridan’s for the Appomattox Campaign in Sheridan Valley.



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Influences of Jubal on the Civil War

Jubal served in the military and championed for separation. In this regard, his contribution helped in shaping America today. Civil War made American to unite and fight to achieve the American dream. Ted, (1999)  points out that, ‘the American dream is fading the past decade and therefore, the dream should be rejuvenated.’ The above statement calls for a heated debate on the concept of the American Dream and whether the country is achieving it. This paper therefore, takes a critical and succinct analysis influences of Jubal on the Civil War

In relation to American dream. The paper further examines  current challenges the country face in its goals to attain the dream.

The concept of the American Dream is anchored in the American Declaration of independence and the constitution which stipulates that all men are created equal and are entitled to natural rights such as life, liberty and happiness (Sternheimer, 2011). The dream is to have American society where all people enjoy the prosperity of their hard work. The American Dream was a product of Enlightenment concepts coined to embrace various sets of cultural and intellectual ideas in Europe and America during 1500s and 1600s. These Enlightenment ideas produced social norms that led revolution, which swept through Europe and America in the late 1600s and 1700s.

Civil War created  formidable platform, on which other Enlightenment ideas were developed upon. American scholars and philosophers tore down the flawed set of ancient societal beliefs, which were maintained by the Church and look forward to a free society hence the so called American Dream (Rivlin, 1992). It isprudent to note that, originally the American dream was born as a result of rampant insecurity after the Great Depression and WW2.The great depression and WW2 resulted into the sacristy of jobs, Americans dream was to find a secure job opportunity and own a home. In addition, work ethics and integrity developed and cohesive society started developing. The cohesive America society, leads to pride, joy and prosperity.

Dream of abundance

The American dream aims to achieve four main aspects of human life. First one is the dream of abundance in the country for all people. In America, it is believed that everybody should have the pleasure of accessing whatever he or she need. Therefore, the society should produce more to satisfy everyone wants. Jubal engagement in the civil war was prompted by the unfair treatment from the central government.Therefore, the central took the civil war as an opportunity to re-evaluate its policies towards all parts of America.

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Dream of democracy of goods

The secondly dream of democracy of good. In this dream, the American believes that there should be access to any good about their choice regardless of race,gender, ethnicity, or class in the society. This dream strengthens the need of equality in the society. In addition, it enforces cohesion and unity among the people. However, some time it is difficult to achieve this particular dream due to some challenges, the fact remains that it is the American dream and everyone including the government work towards it.

Dream of freedom of choice

The human being has unlimited wants and therefore the principle of choice is quite important in decision making. The dream of choice is evident in the way American conduct their business and trade. Free trade which is informed by the principle of choice creates economic dynamism by enhancing freedom, opportunity, and prosperity that benefits their citizen. In recent times, America has demonstrated the power of free trade principles. Free trade helps in breaking the cycle of poverty and goes a long way in enabling even the most impoverished countries to start creating their own economic prosperity. Nevertheless, despite all the facts to the contrary, the critics of free trade claim that employment opportunities created by globalization are often less sustaining than the livelihoods eliminated by it. This claim assumes that some kind of agrarian utopia formerly existed in less developed countries and towards this; their citizens may not reap the benefits of economic development. The Industrial Revolution has set a firm ground for free trade and increased opportunity to all economic levels globally. In addition, free trade has laid a stage for social and democratic progress of a magnitude that would have been impossible earlier. Although history stipulates that this current era of free trade and market globalization may well be facing challenges, solutions once again will depend on the power of innovation and technological development.

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Dream of novelty

Creativity and novelty are a concept of the American dream with is enshrined in the mind of the people (Ownby 34). Americans believe that new products broaden consumers’ purchasing power and knowledge about innovations. In this regard, the society should always create new goods and products as it is one of the American dreams. Novelty creates trade and economic development but it should be carried out in an ethical way which embraces the concept of human dignity and not consumerism. In addition, the concept of novelty propels people to social mobility and stardom which the American believes in.

Analysis of The concept of American Dream

According to (Ted, 1999) ‘the American Dream  has become more of a marketing concept and people have been convinced that they have to have a certain standard of living  in order to be happy and fulfilled’(45).Towards this, the American Dream is  no longer  a concept which is driven by need  and lack but rather out of greed and desire. Therefore, the current behavior of Americans does not illustrate the true spirit of America, which was anchored on perspiration, innovation, risk and reward. In addition, the dream focused on good societal norms, integrity, family values, cohesive community and a strong work ethic. Individualism couples with greed has cropped in the society to an extent that people feel for themselves and not for others.

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It is the responsibility of all American to work hard in order to achieve the American dream (Kennedy 21). This hard work will call for the creation of consumerism which is favorable to the people.This is because uncontrolled consumerism leads people into financial problems and debt.The reason is that high expenditure creates wealth for some people.Therefore when high expenditure is not controlled, the economy can be ruined hence economic crisis which is not America Dream. Some commentators have noted that the America wealth structure is still surrounded by race and social discrimination between different generations.

In conclusion the concept of American Dream  did not come easily it was fought for and people like Jubal Anderson Early made  a great contribution to it.  It should  be noted that the concept of the American dream is good and should be emulated by many countries. However, the true spirit of the Dream should be maintained. This is because the recent occurrences in political, economic and social arena depict that many people have lost  the meaning of the American dream but rather peruse individual interest without responding to the plight of the other people. The recent global economic crisis which finds its roots in America is a true reflection that the American Dream is far realization. This is because most people and companies have taken free economy and high democratic space in the country as a stepping stone of achieving their own dreams but not the American Dream. In this regard, the concept of the American Dream is a great idea which calls for the selfless efforts of everybody to do right things.


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