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Free «Definition of a “learner-centered” syllabus» Essay Sample

Definition of a “learner-centered” syllabus and what it should include:

A learner-centered syllabus is an education syllabus which addresses the needs of each learner and adequately prepares a learner for global future endeavors. In addition, learner-centered syllabus embraces technology and incorporates emerging trends in the society. Towards this, a learner-centered should include pedagogical concepts which address learners’ abilities and aspirations. Furthermore, it should include the application of modern technology.

How is a syllabus different in an online environment?

A syllabus is different in an online environment because it customized to address each learner’s ability, aspiration and education needs. Furthermore the content is put in a user friendly website platform to encourage readability and easy usage.

Describe whether you have found course syllabi useful or not useful?

I find the syllabus useful because it is learner-focused and it also embraces modern technology.

What do you think of the syllabus for this course?

The syllabus for this cause is tailored not only addresses the learners’ education abilities but also address the new education strategies which make learning interesting and enjoyable.



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How would you improve the course syllabus?

I would improve the course syllabus by including the learners’ views and case studies as part of learning materials in the syllabus. This strategy will make the syllabus more practical and enjoyable to learners. Syllabus should be learners focused to make learning easy and enjoyable (Nilson, 2010)

Do you believe online students should be held accountable for reading the syllabus?

Yes I believe the online student should be held accountable for reading the syllabus this is because it is recommended from the school curriculum. The recommendation of the syllabus by credible schools makes it authentic and reliable learning.

Journal 1

Are you a member of the Millennial Generation?

Yes, I am member of Millennial Generation

How has it affected your learning?

Millennial Generation has affected my learning in the sense that it has prepared me to face the world with a more open mind. In addition, it has made my learning easy and enjoyable. This is because of the availability of online learning coupled with online books and material. Furthermore it has made me interacted with many online teachers from different parts of the world hence I am a global citizen.

What characteristics do you possess that are indicative of your generation?

I am a member of Millennial Generation because I frequently check my e-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter every day. In addition, I am so much concerned with global trend in politics, business and economy.

How will those characteristic impact they way you teach?

The above mentioned characteristics of Millennial Generation will impact the way I teach in a more positive way. First, they will make me dynamic to new emerging teaching concepts. Secondly, they will also make me technology savvy thereby enhancing close interaction with the student. Furthermore, they will enhance my ability to understand each learner’s needs and learning pace.


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