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Science has achieved miraculous success through probing the hidden facts of the universe by the world. Hence, the contest of space technology and scientific research in aeronautics has put demand and invented the need of exploration of space that could be utilize to achieve the edge on the world. The book “the right stuff” by Tom Wolfe has also exposed the horse race in achieving the aeronautic supremacy in the world by the super powers. The right stuff is an extensively appreciated work by Tom Wolfe due to its extensive research about the topic “space technology” and giving particular importance to the personal and family life of astronauts.

The right stuff: 

The right stuff is about the right decision on right time with right resources. The research of Wolfe has proved that it is dedication and commitment which gives you admiration. And they are the seven stars who were admired before and after the mission. These were fearless heroes and stars of the nation. However, the book “the right stuff” is precisely focused to gather information about the personal feelings as well as family life of the astronauts. The question which inspired and put eagerness into the Tom Wolfe is to find the reasons behind the acceptance of danger of space flight by the astronauts, and their family response and reservations towards the flight. The presentation of the astronauts in the story is as the heroes of the people. They get immense regard and love from the people even before the completion of their mission. This regard is actually due to the daring personality.

Element of race/discrimination:

Tom Wolfe also highlighted the element of race in space technology. The era of space technology was widely considered as a battle of space technology between the super powers. Both competitors of space race USA and USSR put their superior efforts to get the supremacy of space technology over each other. In this competition they used many Germen engineers and rocket scientists as well. 

Another brutal aspect in the story is discrimination. The decision of sending living beings to the flight has selected the first living organism. It was chimpanzee that was sent first time in the space. Then the mercury seven program was developed on the political grounds. Moreover, considering the humans to send to the space was a purely a promotional activity. However, at the same time the seven were very focused and dedicated to the allocated job. They don’t have any care about the danger involve in the flight and shown their commitment and patriotism to their country even going to the highly death risk deal. Therefore, Tom Wolfe highlighted in the story that actually these seven are the real heroes in that entire race and contest of space technology.

Heroes their families and discrimination:

Therefore, the core aspect that was highlighted in the Wolfe findings is about the astronauts their families and their sufferance. It turns the story into an extremely humanistic one. The families of astronauts found very concerned about the flight due to its high risk of death. It was a metal trauma for them to send their beloved ones to the high rated death flight.

Moreover, the element of discriminator can be exemplified, when Gus Grissom lands on the sea it was more important to save space capsule than to save the pilots and astronauts. That discrimination shows the value of data is more important than life of a human being. This inhuman twist in the story comes up with the inhuman behavior and materialistic approach by the program commanders. It happens with not only human beings but with the heroes of the nation.

The seven stars:

The seven stars of mercury were Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Deke Slayton. These were the key men who ride on the top of dangerous missiles to achieve success in the space technology for their country. Their families do not want and allow them to do so but they do it for their nation to have proud having space supremacy. They have proven themselves in their first flight that men are made to conquer the universe. Their contribution cannot be forgotten forever in the history of space technology. They are the stars and heroes of nation who taught the nation that there is no fear of danger for the national supremacy.


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