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The Old house Interior Magazine is the best choice magazine for the company given the following factors:

Cost and Frequency of Publication

The most preferred magazine or business journal for the glass company is ‘he ‘Old House Interiors Magazine’. The Old house interior magazine offers varied subscription fees depending on the selling stores. The subscription fees vary from $20 (lower end industry price)  to $29 (high end industry price). This variation primarily  comes in as a result of the varying market trends with regard to demand/buyer subscription potential for that particular month. This is an affordable range considering other publishing houses of similar content offer much higher subscription price ranges. The publisher for the magazine is: Home Publications, which is among the most established publication houses for the interior design market.

Content/Subject Matter

The ‘Old House Interiors Magazine’ ordinarily concentrates its topics around the emerging  concepts of interior housing designs and the constantly changing architectural world of design. In addition, the magazine is associated with the world of interior fittings mostly of which are made from glass material or glassware products. In this particular edition (September 2009), the magazine covers a wide array of topics ranging from old house designs to tips on refurbishing worn out porcelain materials and unique ornaments. There is specific section dedicated to the door, window, and garage door designs, all of which have a significant glass component. Specifically, the window products featured are from manufacturers including big players in the market like Allied Window Inc, who are renowned specialists in invisible windows and custom screens. Other construction companies



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Moreover, the September 2009 edition has a particular chapter dedicated to the world of shutters of magnificent designs. Other chapters focus on radiant gas fireplaces, kitchens, emerging millwork features, historical roofing templates, household heating and cooling elements, architectural salvaged material, cabinets, counter and back splashes, faucets, fixtures, sinks (glassware), bath accessories, mosaic, glass antiques and lighting accessories. Among the most interesting chapters entail emerging innovations of gazebos or glass houses and garden ornaments found in the modern day world of design. The content of the magazine therefore suits the needs of the company by virtue of the exclusive coverage on glassware.
Style and Technicality of Writing

The magazine pursues the application of flowery language aimed at achieving the descriptive aspects of the glassware products, old house designs, and interior house fittings. The style of writing is essentially persuasive through use of adjectives and idiomatic expressions focusing on the beauty of glassware products and innovations. The authors and editors of respective articles contained in the magazine also avoid the use of technical architectural words in order to accommodate the ordinary and avid lover of glassware. Hence, the writing language suits the needs of the company due to its capability to reach out to a wider audience.

Information about Advertisements

The ‘Old Interior House Magazine’ gives glassware companies, interior fittings manufacturers, and sellers of old houses to present their products for the reader to select the varied menu. The magazine has dedicated specific parts towards the advertisement of numerous multinational, medium, and small companies. Some of these companies include Custom Shutter Company, Window Systems Inc ( specialists in inner glass products), Atlantic Premium Shutters, American, Shuttercraft, Kingsland Companies and Sheldon Slate Products among other diverse companies. In addition, the advertisement rates and allocations for this magazine are affordable even for growing companies, which have significantly small market share. In conclusion, ‘the Old Interior House Magazine’ offers the best package for the company in achieving its desired market potential in addition to countering increasing competition from other players.


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