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Autism is a type of disability that emerges during child development, and is known to appear within the three years after birth in children, challenging their communication ability and interaction process with others. In most cases, autism is defined by particular form of behaviors from individuals, and its degree of effect varies from person to person. Currently, no single cause of autism has been established; with CDC estimates indicating that one in every one hundred and fifty children have developed autism and growth disorder globally.The typical image of a child suffering from autism can be traumatizing as they look handicap and unable to achieve proper physical development. It's equally contrasting that in most cases, young children diagnosed with autism can have a striking physical beauty. Yet behind such beauties lie a traumatizing or devastating neurological abnormality (Bock & Goode, 2003). It is commonly believed that adults suffering from autism can neither be immunized nor treated, and that it is a disease of the children. However, the truth of the matter is that this kind of disorder can be immunized and treated even in adults. It also not a disease of children as many would believe. In fact, studies show that autism normally proceeds to adulthood when the young one is not treated appropriately. In other words, autism is a disorder of development that starts affecting young ones and if not managed, may proceed to adulthood.

The reason why it is easy to hear a child suffering from autism and not adults going through similar experience is because people unknowingly understand the disorder just a one snapshot. However, it must be noted that autism interferes with the general growth and development of children into adulthood. In fact, there are certain symptoms that can be visible only during adults and not children. On the other hand, certain features may even disappear in the process.Vaccination is known to be the means by which the authorities strive to make a healthy population. It's everyone's responsibility to adopt lifestyles that go hand in hand with the aim to integrate within the community. It's every government's goal to ensure people born are taken care of to ensure there's no threat to such disorders. Governments normally have plans to facilitate vaccination of the population, especially young children.

Adults suffering from autism are likely to develop symptoms identical to the specific person, hence making its detection with naked eye a problem. The complexity and the perception that autism is children's disease make the process of immunizing adults difficult. Moreover, adults normally assume the possibility of this disorder becoming extremely dangerous in adulthood is minimal, especially when it did not appear in childhood. Some of the reasons why adults deny the seriousness of autism are that they are made to believe that any form of vaccine causes diseases. Researches have been done all over but so far there has been no real cause of autism. It has just been linked to neurological differences but still this has never been a satisfying answer. Autism is more of genetic and this was confirmed when a research was conducted on two identical twins (Fombonne, 2006). When one had Autism, the chance of the other acquiring autism was 90% and in fraternal twins, when one acquired autism, the chance of the other acquiring autism was 10%. Many people have it that autism is caused by vaccine. There are also some possibilities of environmental factors to cause autism like when woman uses thalidomide during her pregnancy may give birth to a child suffering from autism. Though this may be seen after a period of two years, the symptoms however are always inside the child. There has been no evidence that MMR vaccine causes autism but there are so many evidences which prove that MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) do not cause autism to children. MMR immunization was linked to autism in the year 1998 when media wrote on papers that there has been an increase in autism since the introduction of MMR vaccine. This has never been proved and this was just a misinterpretation of the media. It is a coincidence that autism is normally diagnosed in the second year of life and it at this stages that MMR vaccine is given to children. There is absolutely no validated report that links autism and immunization. As much as it is a fact that autism has increased since the introduction of immunization, it does not rule out that MMR is the cause for the increase. Autism was increasing way back before immunization of MMR was introduced and it is still increasing and even in countries like Japan where there is no MMR immunization, autism is still on the increase. The mercury in the vaccine is believed to be causing Autism but there is absolutely nothing like this. These are just rumors and have no base of information. Initially, the vaccine contained thiomersal that was actually used as a preservative. According to the study that was conducted in Denmark, there was no increase in autism up to the time the research was being conducted (Volkmar, 2007). According to the information given by one of the newspapers, it said that; MMR led to the increase of autism; There was a regression in the milestone in children due to MMR vaccines; Bowel disorders which is a form of autism was also caused by MMR vaccine; MMR if given as a full vaccine and not as a single vaccine like measles given alone made the immune systems of the children so overwhelmed. Most of the children that had autism usually get regression due to their milestone. A study was also conducted among 200,000 children in America and it was realized that in bowel symptoms, there was absolutely no difference when children with autism were compared to those with no autism (Frith, 2003). Arguments of giving single dose of immunization separately has no benefit and a parent simply wastes time when he keep on going to the clinic for single dose. Research has proved that the children immune system can handle so easily all the three immunization at the same time without really causing an alarm. Minor side effects may be realized like small rashes on the face but this happens whether the immunization was taken as a whole or as a single dose. There is no benefit of giving the measles, mumps, and rubella separately.There has been no prove that immunization causes autism and therefore we can say that it do not cause and it has no connections whatsoever on this issue of Autism. There is no clear answer on the causes of Autism but generic is a highly predictable factor to be causing autism. Most children who are affected by Autism begin developing signs at the age of two. There have been cases where parents have opted not to use the MMR immunization claiming that it causes Autism. There is only one advice that I will give the parents, do it at your own risk. Statistics have it that out of 1000 children who use MMR immunization, only ten acquires Autism. How can we prove then that it is this MMR immunization that causes Autism? If it could be true that it does cause autism, then there would have been alarming cases of autism in the whole world because so many children use the immunization across the world.


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