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Cosmetic surgery is method of improving the aesthetic appearance of a person. On the other hand, plastic surgery entails reconstruction of certain function of human body. The main role of cosmetic surgery is to improve the physical appearance of a person (Niamtu, 2010). Cosmetic surgery is rampant in modern days because it does wonders but with it, comes devastating results for people who have done. One may be asking himself; are the benefits of conducting cosmetic surgery valuable? Well I may argue they are short lived but the negative impacts are long term. Ignorance has made many people perish or endure life time problems that they could have prevented.

The rich and famous are the ones that are mostly affected because they want to improve themselves and their entire life. Anything good comes with their repercussions that are very fatal to the user. Cosmetic surgery has proofed to be the worst nightmare to those people who do it this because of its negative results that makes me to argue against someone doing cosmetic surgery.

The cosmetic plastic surgery has a price to be paid despite its benefits. Carrying out cosmetic surgery is very expensive and put a lot of damage to the budget of the family particularly when the costs are more than the initial estimates (Perry, 2007). For instance, if the user has to use anesthesia, the anesthesiologist should be paid or if complication arises, the hospital stay is extended thus increasing the bills. To add on that, there are costs incurred for post-op medications because of post operative care (Niamtu, 2010). All these costs strain the financial status of the family.Cosmetic surgery does not only impact negatively on economic status but also it comes with its emotional and psychological effects. Most of those patients who seek cosmetic surgery will return to the doctor to look for second operation or surgery to go back their normal look because of the feeling they go through of body disorder (Perry, 2007). For instance, a state of dysmorphic disorder where the body's image is destroyed completely to an extent that no amount of surgery can correct it.

Cosmetic surgery has risks just like other surgeries. For instance, organ failure risk, risk of being infected and allergic reactions to medicines. It is justifiable to say that cosmetic surgery has more than good and people who want to undertake cosmetic surgery be intelligent enough the price that are paid to its benefits.


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